The Inevitable Convergence of Interactive Design, Video Production, and Marketing Strategy


Have you incorporated interactive design and online video into your marketing arsenal yet?

Online platforms that incorporate video and interactive communication modules will only continue to evolve as time goes on. The demand generation has made an impact on the way in which we consume products and use services as a whole—it’s all just a click or a touch away. Based on how people access and consume information, interactive design and online video marketing were bound to converge.

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In many ways, you can think of interactive capability as a public access point to your products or services, video marketing for lead generation purposes, if you will.  Expand that package with high-quality video that highlights your products and services and you’ve got an extremely powerful marketing tool within your grasp. This is where using interactive design techniques and video production marketing come into play. Don’t believe it? Just look at the numbers.

Burgeoning Budgets for Video Production

It’s hard to ignore the growing presence of viral video campaigns that practically beg you to look, click and see what the big deal is about. The genius within that madness is quality video production. According to a 2014 trend report, video production budgets and the cost of video production are due to increase by 68% this year alone.

Recently, comScore measured metrics on online video viewing and found that approximately 183 million people in the U.S. took the time to view more than 44 billion Internet videos. Tucked away within that massive number was an impressive amount of 20 billion ad views.

It also helps when industry giants cosign on the massive effect of digital video marketing. The Nielsen Group recently released a comprehensive study assessing the value of online videos. The report found that:

  • Digital videos are more effective than television ads.
  • Video ads are viewed in entirety 87% of the time.
  • Overall viewer retention of digital video content is 64% (as opposed to 46% of television ads).

People tend to recall what they’ve seen online. As the presence of digital media increases, the need for quality video production becomes imperative. In a video-saturated world, quality really matters. So, what do these figures suggest about pairing interactive design and video production marketing together? Let’s dive into interactive design and take a look.

Interactive Design Redefines Our Existence

In its most basic form, interactive design provides a communication channel between the user and the software/device. A successfully integrated design gives the user satisfactory access to the information he or she needs or wants.

A recent Educause Quarterly report noted, interactive design and marketing go hand-in-hand because both are “customer focused.” The report suggests that solid interactive design can fulfill the following goals:

  • Narrow down a target audience.
  • Gather data about current and potential consumers.
  • Break down specific factors about consumer behavior as it pertains to the product or service.

Social media platforms, apps, surveys, websites and other portals representing interactive design are marketing goldmines. So, when interactive design and video marketing strategy cross paths, the results can be astounding.

When Interactive Design and Online Marketing Videos Intersect

Interactive design and video marketing production have been on a steady collision course. Google recently published a study based on cross-platform consumer behaviors. It found that:

  • People use interactive devices as they pertain to their environments (i.e. it’s a lot easier to use a smartphone if you’re on the bus, as opposed to driving a car).
  • Smartphones are the driving force of modern communication and video viewing.
  • Watching online videos is one of the top sequential screening activities.

The inevitable convergence of interactive design and video production marketing is brimming with limitless potential. As wireless devices become standard and digital video becomes an invincible inbound marketing content vehicle, combining the two is almost a no-brainer.

If you’re going to engage a marketing strategy and knock it out of the park, why wouldn't you want to take full advantage by utilizing interactive video within your video marketing plan? If the research continues to prove right, it’s a win-win opportunity that you can’t afford to lose.

 Editor’s Note: This encore blog was originally published in February 2015 and has been updated.

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