It's Conversion Time using Landing Page Optimization Best Practices


It is important to have a clear understanding of what a landing page is, techniques for boosting landing page conversion, necessities for optimizing a landing page for both search engines and website visitors, and of course landing page optimization best practices. The bottom line is you have to have a full grasp of what a landing page can truly do for your business. Let’s explore what a landing page is as well as look at a few landing page optimization best practices to get the most out of your main lead converter.


A ”landing page”, as it relates to inbound marketing and methodology, is…any page on the web on which one might land on that 1) has a form and 2) exists solely to capture a visitor's information through that form.—HubSpot

Landing page defined

So, does your business website have pages that exist to capture your lead’s contact information only? Does your landing page contain content that adds value to your audience’s lives? Chances are you have answered both yes and no to these questions.

Here’s a simple breakdown. A landing page is NOT COMPLETE without a form present to capture your website visitor‘s information. AND there should not be a form present without a valuable offer that answers the needs of your audience behind the form.

Optimize for the customer

Your landing page conversion rate is based on capture more highly qualified leads for your sales team. So what is the average landing page conversion rate? Due to its subjective nature, it is a varied metric within each industry, company and sales cycle. However, if there is an industry benchmark, it is at about 2.35%.

This means that on average your visitors understand the value that you are providing in order to exchange for their email address. They must also trust that behind the form is the information you have promised, and that it is in line with what they are looking for. Now, if your content is personalized, well-developed, and presented in a clear and simple-to-navigate manner, your landing page conversion rate should skyrocket. A case like this usually happens when the landing page optimization is done first with the customer in mind and also by search engine optimization best practices. In fact, your business should have a clear understanding of the marketing management analytics necessary to monitor and track progress. Having a hold on these metrics will allow you to understand more about your visitors and how you can effectively convert them into leads. For more information on what your landing page should consist of, take a look at the infographic below:


The anatomy of a perfect landing page - landing page optimization best practices



Let’s talk about leads

When your site visitor takes the time to fill out your landing page form, it is up to you to nurture them through the buyer's journey. Nurturing your leads after the primary landing page conversion will also allow room to establish trust through your thought leadership.

It is important to understand how your company's sales cycle works and how it coincides with your lead nurturing workflows. For example, creating a lead nurturing workflow within your email marketing strategy allows you to send timely, personalized messages to your audience that contain content like webinars and eBooks—nurturing them further towards sales readiness. Your sales team will love the ease of automation while your audience will have an exceptional user experience. For more marketing automation and lead nurturing workflows, check out the following video:


Remember inbound marketing is about truth, transparency, and providing the most valuable customer experience. Optimizing your landing pages with your audience in mind can help generate more leads while boosting your conversion rate. But, your landing page won’t be truly effective without a little trial and error. So take a few of these tips, apply them, and start converting those leads.

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