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Search engine optimization is vital to the success of any website. If your company uses inbound marketing, there is a bit more urgency in the demands of SEO. This is simply because inbound is an organic technique.

It is important to have a clear understanding of what a landing page is, techniques for boosting landing page conversion, necessities for optimizing a landing page for both search engines and website visitors, and of course landing page optimization best practices. The bottom line is most brands are not optimizing their landing pages correctly simply because they don't have the full grasp of what a landing page truly does for their business.

What is a landing page?

A ”landing page”, as it relates to inbound marketing and methodology, is…

any page on the web on which one might land that 1) has a form and 2) exists solely to capture a visitor's information through that form. HubSpot

So, does your business website have pages that exist to capture lead generation contact information solely? Does your landing page deliver a clear, concise value proposition that will help your business meet its overall goals? Chances are you have answered both yes and no to these questions. A simple breakdown- a landing page is NOT COMPLETE without a form present to capture visitor information. There should not be a form present without a valuable offer behind the form.

Using inbound marketing best practices, you can boost the impact and landing page conversion rate to capture more highly qualified leads for your sales team. So what is the average landing page conversion rate? Due to its subjective nature it is a bit far stretched to put an exact number on the average landing page’s conversion rate. This is simply attributable to the varied metrics in each industry, company, sales cycle adds to the mix. However, if there is an industry benchmark, it is at about 20%.

This means that typically 20% of landing page visitors understand the value proposition enough to distinguish value in exchange for their email address. They must also trust that behind the form is the information you have promised, and it is in line with what they are looking for so they see the value in trade for their contact information. Now, if your content is hyper-targeted, well-developed, and presented in a clear and simple-to-navigate manner, your landing page conversion rate should skyrocket. A case like this usually happens when the landing page optimization is done first with the customer in mind, and ALWAYS by the Search Engine Optimization best practices.

Optimize For the Customer:

Your website should be responsive and modern.

Your business should have a clear understanding of the marketing management analytics necessary to monitor and track progress. Having a hold on these metrics will allow you to understand more about the visitor, and possibly, potential lead. 

Speaking of leads…

The first landing page your site visitor converts on is your one shot to nurture them throughout the buyer's journey.

For future conversion possibilities it is important to understand how your company's sales cycle works and to set up a lead nurturing email marketing campaign strategy that is conducive to sales conversions. Your sales team will love the ease of automation, your community of prospects and site visitors will have an exceptional user experience, and brand awareness will organically build. Nurturing your leads after the primary landing page conversion will also allow room to establish thought leadership and industry innovation.

As for anything with marketing material or content, using the inbound marketing best practices will always put you on top in the website visitors eyes.

Remember inbound is about truth, transparency, and providing the most valuable customer experience. You can learn more about the tactical and technical elements of optimizing landing pages to generate more leads and help boost conversion in our eBook below. Happy Landing!

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