Lower Trade Show Costs With High Impact Content Marketing


The time has come to plan for next year’s industry events and trade shows. There are lots of plans to be made, processes to establish, and checklists to review.

The planning process should be taken care of at least six months to a year in advance. If your trade show is next week, you may have some difficulty getting everything completed and ready to rock without a bit of problem-solving. However long (or short) your time frame may be, there are essential tasks that must be completed to ensure your trade show is a success!

"Email, organic search, and social media are the demand generation channels with the lowest cost per lead on average. Tradeshows, though considered very effective in generating many high-quality leads, are also viewed as being expensive.” (MarketingProfs)

It is important to note that the more time you have to prepare, the more likely you will be to achieve the goals you have established. Let's get started.

The first step to planning is, you guessed it…to PLAN. The planning portion is the nuts and bolts of your trade show success.

  • Set goals. Prior to attending the trade show, it is important to understand where your metrics are currently, and where the trade show should take your metrics. The easiest way to complete this task is to analyze all of your high-value performance metrics. Understand who will attend the trade show and why they may be there. Understand the amount of on-site customers you may gain while at the trade show and how many may qualify as sales leads post-tradeshow. For those metrics, you should be able to set healthy but challenging goals that align with your overall business goals.

  • Select target audience(s): Marketing to the masses always creates chaos. Being tactful when you are distributing your marketing assets is important. If you are talking to someone who doesn't care, you are wasting your time.

  • Setting up your inbound strategy, planning your content creation, creating calls-to-action and online design all take time. Be sure to plan wisely, or you may find yourself doing more harm than good.

  • Establish your strategy: Develop a solid lead generation strategy and STICK TO IT.

  • Build social buzz: Some 37% of marketers surveyed rank Facebook as the most effective network for events community engagement and 36% rank Twitter as the most effective. LinkedIn is a distant third, with 7% of respondents ranking it as most effective. (Marketing Professors)

  • Familiarize yourself with the HubSpot social publishing tool, and get the whole team on board.

  • Build Twitter lists for all of the reporters, speakers and sponsors who are attending.

  • Have a press release prepared and ready.

  • Before the conference, send out a press release announcing that you’ll be unveiling the new product/design or service at the event.

  • Host a Twitter chat 4, 2, one week(s) out of the trade show.

  • Use external landing pages to capture contact information. Utilize information capturing landing pages to better track foot traffic at the trade show.

  • Save time with automated trade show performance analytics available on site with live progression updates. Digitize your marketing material and host it on your website for automation with your CRM, as well as post-trade show performance analytics analysis.

  • Create a vivid and pleasant brand interaction experience. This is simple, just be true to your brand in every iota of your marketing efforts.

  • Increase your brand presence by leveraging press coverage and media outlets covering the event. Reach out to reporters, media companies, and other niche influencers to start the buzz about your presence at the trade show or event you are attending.

Content marketing costs, as they relate to customer acquisition, are significantly lower than that of traditional print ad marketing. By pairing inbound marketing strategy with high-impact content development, it is clear to see that customer acquisition costs and the cost of marketing material for trade shows is a significantly lower cost alternative.  Marketing automation helps ensure a smooth, hassle-free customer experience at any trade show or event your business attends.

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