Marketing Automation Strategy—Are You Maximizing ROI?

marketing-automation-strategy-maximizing-roi_1000x576Integrating your marketing automation platform into your current web development process can be a bit confusing. There are a lot of moving parts in web development. Throw in automation without proper understanding and planning you could have a digital mess on your hands.

There are five main steps involved in the success of marketing automation. Your design and web development team play a big role in the success of automation, and should be included each step of the way.

Let's review the marketing automation integration and strategy breakdown to help you better understand the process. Once you understand the process, you will begin to have a better idea of the necessary participants within your organization.

Lead Generation

Lead generation content, or a top of the funnel offer, has to be developed in order for marketing automation to be a success. If you do not have leads to nurture, your drip marketing efforts will be nonexistent.

List Segmentation

Segmentation or lead scoring efforts must be in place to organize, strategize, and analyze marketing campaigns to improve overall performance.

Social Distribution

Social media marketing should be a priority distribution method where each platform is used to cultivate brand to consumer relationships and build engagement and buzz around your brand. Social distribution should be planned and a process should be established to better streamline distribution efforts. Community engagement is a two-way street and should remain top of mind through all marketing actions.

Social Listening

Social listening should be a part of any marketing mix, and especially so with marketing automation. The ability to listen to what your customers are saying about your products and services will help you develop an understanding of how you can better your strategy to address these pain points. Social listening is a noise-cutting data capture method that many marketing automation platforms support.

Performance Analysis

Analyze/ Adjust / A/B Test - What is working for your sales team and what is not? Is your marketing automation reaching each of your customer segments at the right time, or even at all? A/B test email landing pages and content topics to ensure you are on the right track. The best way to know what your audience wants is to ask them.

Your job as a marketing manager is to provide the perfect customer experience with interactive media, and fresh and innovative content that helps move the needle on ROI. In turn, you must provide education on the points that your audience needs, wants, and would enjoy consuming.

If you can, bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Streamline your message in a way that builds trust, improves customer service, and solidifies a foundation conducive to overall brand success. Before jumping into marketing automation you should have a clear view of what you will be marketing, who you will be marketing to, and most importantly, the people and process that need to be in action to launch automation in a smooth and successful manner.


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