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As content marketing grows and more big brands realize its value, it is  becoming harder to stand out. Content marketing, like any other form of marketing, requires strategy, planning, and innovation. Without these key components, competing with big brands may be difficult.

As the content saturation index rises, and more and more how-to blogs arise with different advice, tips, and tricks—it is important for you as a marketer to stay focused on both the process and progress your company or brand is making. Using a documented content production process will help streamline your content production efforts, thus making your strategy more agile and innovative.

While you are establishing your content production process, you will want to think about including any resources, guides, or references used to create your content. This could include templates for buyer personas, copywriting style guides, editorial calendars, or other assets necessary to create the best content possible.

Defining the lines of process, production, and resources is a good way to stay in the loop and easily identify an issue before it spins out of control. At Direct Images Interactive, we have a formal set of documents, tools, and resources that help us immensely. Let’s review our assets so you can better yours.

Here we go.

Inbound Marketing Keyword Planner: This is a great tool that allows you plan, strategize, and understand what keywords are working for your content marketing efforts in an organized manner.

Inbound Marketing Keyword Planner

Baseline Blog Template: This template is a great tool to work without distraction and still include all of the necessary elements needed for a successful blog post.

Editorial Calendar: Editorial calendars come in many shapes and sizes. We have, and encourage you to, use a template. Be sure to add in all of the necessary steps of your editorial process to better develop a tool that will work best for you and your organization.
Editorial Calendar

Inbound Marketing Handy Toolkit: This toolkit will guide your inbound marketing efforts ensuring you are addressing the proper issues with your target market in a way that will attract, convert, close, and delight your website visitors into promoters of your brand.



Buyer Persona Workbook: This useful guide is also a template that is a great start for buyer persona development in any industry for any sized company.


Email Marketing Guide: This guide will walk you through the steps of a successful inbound marketing email campaign, the types of campaign you can and should be using, as well ass best practices for creating your email marketing mix.



All of these resources can be adapted to fit what your current marketing mix needs. If you have questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us below or via social media.

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Handy Toolkit


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