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Company visibility is important in today's customer-focused marketing landscape. By incorporating social media campaigns to your marketing strategy, attracting new leads and engaging with potential and current customers becomes extremely advantageous.

However, because everything is customer focused, basing your campaigns solely on your products and services is not only a waste of your company's resources, but it's also detrimental to your brand identity online.

For instance, if your brand identity's value is solely based on selling, your audience would be reluctant to engage with your content if you're not providing them with any relevant benefits.  Don't encourage buyer's remorse. Encourage value and trust with your audience instead.

Creating trust and value through audience engagement is a form of emotion marketing. By incorporating emotion marketing into your social media campaigns, your content aims to alleviate your audience’s pain points as well as provide them with solutions and benefits to those pain points.  

Start winning your marketing goals by adopting these 3 simple ways of incorporating emotion marketing into your next social media campaigns.

Be Human

Automated messages, especially when they are used for important services like finances or medical appointments, are very impersonal. Though their voice implies a cheerful and engaged personality, sometimes they can't understand what you're saying, causing you to repeat yourself or just request talking with a human customer service agent immediately. You know before your anger defeats the purpose of your call.

Therefore, don't let your social media campaigns be an automated message. Be human. Don't be a robot who not only churns out posts about your new or discounted products and services. And don’t just join or address conversations by using automated responses.

Instead, charge someone with the awesome task of being your company's representative for all your social media. That way every time that person posts, your audience will not only know who's talking but also who to talk to if they have questions or want to get involved.

Brian Solis from Altimeter Group - Principal Analyst, says it best that "we're going to see the proliferation of emojis, selfies, and filters that bring both worlds together like we see in Snapchat to further turn people into human emoticons."

So, let your customers see and engage with your posts. Show them your humanity with a behind-the-scenes live stream or live tweeting an FAQ session about providing a solution to your audience's pain points. Ultimately, the more your company can be one industry-sized emoji, the better.

Be Accommodating

Because being human is all about talking with your audience, you find out what keeps them up at night and what solutions they are searching for to resolve those needs.

However, with product pushing companies, they offer too many products or services at one time overwhelming and frustrating their customers to the point that they regret their decision.Do not allow your customers to regret their decision to work with you before they even make a purchase. That's why, it’s important to explain to your audience what your product or service does, but it’s even more important to explain what it does for them.

Accommodate to your audience’s needs with your products and services. Build trust early by showing your audience that you are listening. And through your listening, use your content, products and services to address the needs and problems that your audience has already expressed.

Be Non-traditional

By 2015, the average person will be exposed to 15.5 hours of content every day. Meaning, with each new campaign, you are going to have to come up with different and innovative ways to engage with your audience. Which is why addressing your audience's pain points keeps your content fresh and exciting for your audience.

For example, decide what you want your audience to feel and develop a campaign back from that feeling. Whether it's congratulating them or getting them inspired, focus your efforts outside the traditional marketing box with your audience always in mind.

Social media is a hive for human engagement. Whenever you start a campaign, add a human touch to it and join in on the conversation. Let your customers see your company as an industry of live human engagement and not just another product pushing robot. What better way than to appeal to our all-ruling primitive brain than through emotions.

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