New San Leandro - How Innovation Happens in San Leandro

The City of San Leandro awarded Direct Images Interactive the contract to create a video that explores aspects of the City's manufacturing innovation ecosystem. The video, New San Leandro, was co-produced by Chief Innovation Officer of San Leandro, Deborah Acosta and Director, Bill Knowland.

Deborah-AcostaAccording to Acosta, “Bill and his crew are seasoned professionals -- and innovators themselves.  Bill spent much more time videotaping than we anticipated -- and these hours of videotaping, plus Bill's sense of fun and adventure, resulted in a stellar video that we will be proud to use in marketing our City for months to come.”  

With the implementation of a 100 Gigabits per second fiber optic loop and a growing 3D printing and maker movement, San Leandro is positioning itself to be a leader in the booming innovation and technology economy. The video interviews reveal connections between new and established, advanced manufacturing businesses located in San Leandro.   

Knowland observed, “Our intent was to reveal the interconnectivity between the established and the new, the mentor and the protégé. In essence, we were looking to reveal how innovation happens in San Leandro”.


Two young entrepreneurs representing the millennial generation (Sebastian Cabrera and Derick Lee), served as on-screen hosts.

Lee noted “As an interviewer and host in this video project, my mission was to unlock the wealth of knowledge that these businesses carry and never had a chance to express before…Our existing community is eager for transformation, and our new communities are excited for the journey ahead in transforming San Leandro into a hub for innovation.”


The interview subjects include:

  • Michael Howland, Founder: OmNom Project
  • Ben Simon-Thomas, Marketing/Investor Relations: SoundFit 
  • Jeff Musgrove, President: Applied Fusion 
  • Louis Rigaud, Founder/General Manager: Halus Power Systems
  • Byron Benton, Director: Zero Net Energy Center / Electrical Apprenticeship Program 
  • Jennifer Liebermann, Executive Director: Kaiser Permanente, Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center
  • Tracy McSheery, Founder/CEO: PhaseSpace 



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