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What is the purpose of your marketing video? Or is it so people can see your video and like it, or is it to make a conversion or sale? After a viewer has watched your video, then what? Once your marketing video has been completed, maybe it doesn’t matter if someone watches it all the way through. What may matter more is that you get a video conversion, even if a viewer hasn’t seen most of the video yet.

Where do you want people to view your video and where do you want the viewer to end up? Will your video be viewed on YouTube, with a call-to-action that takes them to a landing page on your web site or will a call-to-action from somewhere else go to your video which resides on a landing page on your site?

To promote your video, you can place video advertisements through Google Adwords or on topic targeted, content relevant web sites. When selecting the sites where your video can be distributed or advertised, you can filter to set a minimum number of site impressions.  For example, you can choose to display just on sites with over 1,000 or 10,000 impressions. You’ll pay more for high value sites that have a high number of impressions, so keep an eye on them to make sure you are getting some click-through or you should turn them off.

Your ad can be a static display banner ad, click-to-play or auto-play and can be sent wherever you need it to go. A click-to-play ad waits for someone to click it based on an enticing teaser message and image and usually has a play triangle that designates that you can play it. As the video plays, it can display an adjacent graphical overlay with brand identity and an additional message. The length of the video can be up to 3 minutes. If you click on the video or overlay, you will be taken to a landing page. At the end of the designated length, a final frame or endcap with call-to-action will show. Surprisingly, in a desktop environment, a static display banner ad typically outperforms a click-to-play video ad. Interestingly, a combination of both video and display usually will yield better results than just one format.

Pre-roll video ads are those that are shown just prior to the YouTube video that you want to watch—you know the ones you click off to get out them of the way. Unless these ads are extremely close to the video they are associated with, most people will try to get rid of them—these do fare better than the click-to-play ads though. 15 second mobile video ads fare even better, perhaps because it’s too difficult to disable the ads in time?

Connected TV is doing quite well with a much higher average completion rate than click-to-play desktop or mobile video ads.

You should test multiple ad placements to see which gives you the best performance.  If it is a one month campaign, make an adjustments after a few days.

But consider this: in what venue would a video ad do best? If a viewer is already in the YouTube universe, they are already in the mood to watch video. In fact, they are specifically searching to watch video of any length.  A good online video distribution tactic is to promote your video through YouTube advertising in the YouTube space.  By using keywords that call your advertised video up along with the organic search reults, you will increase viewership. Because YouTube video viewers are usually logged in, you can target to detailed demographic parameters and other attributes. 

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