Resources Every Content Manager Should Have on Their Radar

resources-every-content-manager-should-have_1000x576.jpgIn the grand scheme of things, the ideal content manager would have all eyes on all facets of his or her website all the time. Unfortunately, there are so many moving parts to a website that whole chasms are often left to just sit and idle. Still, as the head of your content marketing management team, there are several resources that you should pay particularly close attention to. This list isn't complete and things are always changing in the online world. By paying careful attention to these seven items, you may be able to get out ahead of the competition and keep your site as relevant, active, and profitable as possible.

Check In/Check Out: This is a tool that can show you how many people are looking at your different pieces of content on your site, what they like, what they leave, what they return to and how long they stay. Sort of like a bell at the door of a package store, being alerted when people are viewing one piece of content or another will help you decide what works, what doesn't, and where to go from there.

Digital Asset Management: The digital asset management tools offer users the ability to manipulate and interact with larger files. Things like audio, video, and images that populate your site can become irrelevant, out of season, or just staid. You know... like when you visit a site in the summer and you come back the following spring and nothing has changed? That tactic is not the key to a successful contemporary online marketing campaign. So make sure that you can swap these bigger files out at a moments notice.

Enterprise Content Management: If your website is getting bigger and your business is adding new people, this sudden influx of bodies can be rather disarming. By having enterprise content management software, you can manage this incoming onslaught with ease. Even if you don't have a lot of people now working for you, by using enterprise content management software to communicate, delineate, assign, and approve work when you are a smaller outfit, you won't be so overwhelmed when more workers and work does come online. There is the added bonus of having software do busy work for you. It frees you up to grow and expand your business. 

HTML5: You need to know the standard when you are working anywhere. HTML5 is the current standard for presenting web content and you should at the very least be familiar with it. No one is suggesting that you be able to write code or create digital explosions from distant digital volcanoes, but being familiar with the language of the land will help you convey your ideas to your people doing the work and inform you of what is and is not possible.

Intranet Portal: The Internet is open to everyone; the Intranet is the exact opposite. Having an Intranet portal means having software that allows you to create and work on things 'in-house.' You aren't sharing the information on your Intranet portal for a variety of reasons; you may be doing beachwear copy in the autumn. You may be figuring out what your company is doing on the 4th of July during the throes of winter. Your Intranet portal allows your people to work on, preview and share what they are considering before publishing it to the World Wide Web. Your Intranet portal is also the home for your classified information.

Learning Management System: This is exactly what it sounds like; systems that allow management to disseminate work and learning tools to the staff that needs it. You can also monitor who did what, when, and how they did when you are looking over the results of their learning. This is a great tool for coaching, training, promotion, and even termination when necessary.

Web Engagement Management: When you are trying to get things done with partners, the best place to do this is in a private virtual space. But you don't want to let a temporary partner into your private Intranet. By having web engagement management systems in place, this can alleviate the lack of a virtual conference room for lack of a better image. If you want your business to go worldwide, then you have to have the proper place to make that dream reality.

All these things are just the tip of the iceberg when you are considering what it is you and your content marketing management team should have access to. If you need a little help in figuring out how to get to where you'd like your whole team to be, you may decide you need the help of a partner. Direct Images Interactive Inbound Marketing Agency can help your team reach great heights!

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