San Leandro movers & MAKERS Inspire Dignitaries to Make it in America

In all of its innovative and spacious glory, The Gate (our home base here at Direct Images Interactive) promises to be the epicenter of technology, workforce and advanced manufacturing development.

Espen Sivertsen
Type A Machines

Espen Sivertsen of Type A Machines announced the formation of a 12 company consortium named BAAM (Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing). BAAM, stated Sivertsen will be the largest hub of 3D printing related companies in the nation, located right here in San Leandro at The Gate.  Sivertsen noted that “We are not just building a platform, we are building an ecosystem.  We are literally building machines that make jobs”.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D) was excited that the latest develpments going on in San Leandro in technology and manufacturing would create well paying jobs for the region.  Lee pointed out that “San Leandro is setting the stage for the future of manufacturing throughout the entire country."

Mayor Stephen Cassidy agreed and was proud to confirm, “We have always had a heritage of manufacturing here in San Leandro and are fully embracing the innovation economy."

Congressman Steny Hoyer

The Gate is set to open an 8,000 square foot co-working space to house BAAM and other companies by the end of the year. This development has been said to be a prime blueprint for communities across the US. Make it at The Gate has set a great example for Make it in America.

Make it in America evangelist, Congressman Steny Hoyer (D) sees the value of the San Leandro co-working space and observed that "the synergy of bringing people together magnifies intellectual firepower”.

John Wong of enABLE
displays a 3D printed
prosthetic hand

David Holley, property manager said The Gate and its collaborative working town square or ‘cupola’ is a millennial playground developed to encourage economic growth, to create jobs on US soil and provide an environment to push the limits.

The Gate and its community have vowed to create an epicenter of technological advancement including the highest quality 3D printing, motion capturing, Internet broadcasting and cutting edge online graphic design.

Much of this progressive growth is possible due to the integration of a state-of-the-art fiber optic loop “faster than Google’s”, an idea conceived by Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy of OSIsoft. Many other innovators and progressive thought leaders were present at the event including Gregory DeLaune of UIX Global. UIX Global will be hosting the upcoming November 12th San Leandro event Prototyping the Future about innovation ecosystem development.

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