The Anatomy of an Uber-Effective Marketing Email

anatomy-of-uber-effective-marekting-email_1000x576.jpgEmail marketing allows you to cost-efficiently send relevant, personalized messages to your prospective and current customers in real-time. And because you can send emails in real-time, you can receive real-time data on your audience’s wants and needs. For example, sending follow-up messages is a great way to continually nurture your audience especially if say a customer shows particular interest by clicking on an embedded link from one of your most recent emails. Ultimately, the email marketing horizon is really limitless. Today, we’ll provide you with a template to building an on-point email in order to achieve effective email marketing success.

Your Message Should Match Your Goals

To get the "perfect" email marketing message, you should make sure that your message is conditioned to be relevant to your target audience. Segmenting and prioritizing the most relevant campaign to particular subscribers is a surefire way to drive your open rates, exposure, and overall sales. Therefore, your message and goals would then need to match the audience you are trying to target.

For example, your goal for sending a follow up message to a recent subscriber is that you're hoping to learn more, build trust, and continue an ongoing dialogue between your new subscriber and your brand. Whereas, your goal for sending a message to middle-and bottom-of-the-funnel customers is to increase lead nuturance and sales conversion by providing them with a specific promotional offer to seal the deal.

Nurture trust with your audience by respecting their inbox with relevance to their needs and habits. For this segment to be effective, just remember this formula: (1) target your audience, (2) create and establish a goal around the specific group you are trying to reach, and then, (3) send the targeted message and wait for the results.

Fine Tune Your Emails with A/B Testing

While you don't want to overwhelm your new subscribers with a flood of messages early on, you may want them to be aware of the changes in your website, payment and shipping methods, product or service offerings, etc.

If that’s the case, the best part with email marketing is that you're able to A/B test different promotional offers, headlines, images, videos, links and graphics to find out which is having the most beneficial effect toward your business goals. With A/B testing, you can learn invaluable information regarding your audience's likes dislikes and preferences. So if you know your customers enjoy your products or services in the past and you want them to know of a recent launch, use your emails as an A/B test to gather interest from your audience. Especially since 81% of online shoppers who receive emails based on previous shopping habits were at least somewhat likely to make a purchase as a result of targeted email, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

Personalize and Keep Things Friendly

Make sure that your emails are friendly from the get-go by (1) personalizing the message with your subscriber's name, (2) creating a friendly yet appealing subject line that compels them to dive into your email, and (3) incorporating a non-generic pre-header (i.e., the first line of text in your email) that commands attention.

Finding the right balance between being too friendly and unprepared on one end of the spectrum and too results-oriented and clinical on the other will land you in the sweet spot—gaining the right kind of attention you need from your audience.

Also, make sure to proofread your messages to eliminate any grammatical mistakes or outdated promotions, as both could be seen as a lack of professionalism within your customers' eyes.

Short, Sweet and Urgent Calls to Action

The call to action (CTA) in your email marketing campaign's messages should obviously be related to how far along that customer is in the sales cycle. However, where many companies go afield is by making their CTA too long or convoluted.

Remember that your audience has gotten this far into the message because they're interested in what you have to say and ultimately what you can provide for them. So, just go ahead and provide the link, video or promotional offer in a few, simple words. Compel your audience to act on your offer as soon as possible e.g., Buy Now. And include your CTA in multiple places in your email i.e., at the top, middle and bottom of your email are good places to reinforce your CTA—ensuring urgency through repetition.

Add Sharing Options for Brand Awareness

Finally, you might even consider offering satisfied and loyal customers to write or share on social media with an embedded share button in the body of your email. Check out the following stats that show the benefits of including sharing options—enhancing your brand awareness in order for others to find out about your business!

Ultimately, like any form of marketing, it’s all based on research, trial and analysis. Hopefully, however, this simple template has helped you into springboarding your current strategy towards email marketing success.

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