The Best Live Streaming Video Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Posted by Jessica Jones May 3, 2016 6:00:00 AM


Live video apps are increasingly allowing more people to intimately engage with people and business—allowing them to see the raw, uncut footage of most video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix. But with the rise of Periscope and Meerkat making it more available for live video at the palm of your finger tips, i.e., your mobile device, you may wondering, “how does this type of content work for my business?”

Well, if you are hesitant about using live video in your marketing strategy, don’t be. As stated before, the ability to livestream is literally in the palm of your hand. And because of that availability and creative freedom, why not take a chance, experiment and see what live video can do for your brand identity—boosting awareness and audience engagement with your business.

Not convinced? Let’s explore the following BIG brands and find out how through experimentation with live video apps, they were able to create and achieve successful marketing campaigns.

Live Interviews

Hosting live interviews is a great way to get industry insight about your brand by setting yourself as a thought leader or even interviewing other thought leaders in your industry.

A great big brand example is Spotify—a music streaming company that hosts millions of songs on various devices. One of their successful campaigns occurred on the day that Periscope was launched on March 26, 2015. As stated by Josh Karpf, Spotify’s Global Director of Social Marketing about their very first Periscope session, “We had 380 or so live viewers and about 1,500 hearts on the stream and on the replay we had another 200 or so.” Since then, they have hosted other various artists allowing their audience to have an exclusive experience with some of their favorite musicians.

Live Event Streaming

If you host events like conferences, in-store product launches, etc, then using live video would be a great way to not only allow your customers, who can’t make it to the event, experience it and potentially get them interested in the future.

Dunkin Donuts understood this concept and created a campaign targeting Millennials to purchase their products i.e. ice coffee through a concert series. In their campaign, they hosted a series of five concerts in five different cities with various artists on the lineup—hosting footage of the live event from which consumers were be able to access through their social site of choice. This became a huge success. So much so, that they may be making moves to repeat the event in this year.


Finally, if you want to be more human with your branding and give people an inside scoop into your business, hosting a behind-the-scenes livestream is an intimate way for your audience to get to know your company better.

Multiple big brands have used live video to host behind-the-scenes events. DKNY, a high end fashion brand, took their Periscope on audience on an inside tour through their closet. As well as, Adidas, a famous sportswear company, hosted the contract signing of futbol player, James Rodriguez.

With live video, it is all a matter of finding what is the best approach for your brand. So whether it’s interviews, behind-the-scenes’ tours, live events or product launches, see for yourself what live video can do for your engagement and overall business goals using these BIG brands as prime examples.

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