The Inner Workings of a Growth Driving Email Marketing Campaign

inner-workings-growth-driving-email-marketing-campaign_1000x576Goal setting, planning, and strategizing each email seems like a lot of work, but when done properly, a streamlined email marketing program can effectively increase customer lifetime value and thus help drive business growth. The key to email marketing success is establishing a process that addresses each of the aforementioned tasks in an in-depth manner to help further the overall success of your business. Developing a framework before you perfect the process is crucial and will help you avoid missteps in your email marketing campaigns.

So what does the framework look like? That’s a great question with a bit of a skirted answer. Because each business has a unique set of KPIs, team goals, and business goals, it’s hard to predict the various way your company can and should set a framework for your next email initiative. The goal today is to familiarize yourself with some of the possible elements of your email marketing mix so that you can develop a sound framework for your growth-driving email marketing campaigns.

Set growth-driving goals.

Before you begin, understand the purpose for sending emails. What goals are each of the campaigns helping to reach?  What big picture goals are your email marketing efforts going to help achieve for your business as a whole? If you are sending emails willy-nilly you are probably struggling to see the results your efforts might otherwise merit. So remember, set S.M.A.R.T. goals to ensure you are helping move the revenue needle in a positive direction.

Understand who you are talking to.

Email marketing is a great way to tell your brand's story and cultivate a community around your brand. By providing the right information at the right time you will allow your communication to become more open and less forced. A great way to ensure your customers are receiving the information they want is to listen to what they have to say. A great way to accomplish this via social listening.

Establish email campaign types.

Not all emails are created equal. Feel out what types of emails work best for your buyer personas. Do they enjoy interactive media, videos, or text? Do they prefer blog round ups, newsletters, promo emails, or other types of information delivered to their inbox?

Implement an email schedule.

Knowing what to expect is always comforting. Providing consistency in the email subscription will allow you to determine what is resonating most with your audience. When do they open their emails? How much time do they have to read emails? Is the type of email you are sending something they would prefer to read during the day, or at night? All of these questions should be relatively easy to answer if you have developed buyer persona profiles.

Appoint a manager to oversee content distribution.

Track and measure each campaign's performance in relation to the S.M.A.R.T. goals you have (ideally) already set. Have a clear view of your email performance, distribution, and engagement metrics. These should align with your business performance KPIs in a way that helps move your contacts through the funnel. The best way to stay on top of monitoring and analyzing the data captured from your email marketing campaign is to assign someone the task of monitoring these analytics on a regularly occurring schedule. This is crucial especially when marketing automation is in use, but we’ll explain more about that later.

Develop an email campaign or lead nurturing editorial process.

A solid editorial process is key with any sort of marketing, but is even more crucial than average when speaking to email marketing. Having a process in place will help ensure the work is done, the emails are sent on time and there are as few bumps in the road as possible. Developing a successful email campaign requires a lot of moving parts, and having a reliable editorial process is the best way to avoid mishaps in your content production and distribution process.

These elements should be primed and poised prior to sending out a single email. If you do not have a clear picture for the message you are trying to convey, it will be difficult to garner the attention your marketing efforts merit. Your customers deserve only the best output of information at any time. This is especially the case when you are invited into their inbox. Think about your message, your goals, and your reader, each and every time you send an email. Review and analyze your email performance efforts and adjust your strategy as required to better your email marketing efforts each time you send an email.


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