Get Sh*t Done in Business Marketing: The Ultimate Glossary Part 1


The Ultimate Glossary to Get Sh*t Done in Business Marketing Part 1


Hashtags are words or phrases that follow a # sign. Hashtagging something is a way of categorizing it and signifying to people what the post is "about." It also makes it easier for people to find your tweet/ Facebook post/ Instagram photo.

301 redirect

A fixed URL that automatically redirects a website visitor from one web address to another. These are used when a page’s URL is changed for functionality and form.

3D animation

A process by which motion graphics are created in a three-dimensional landscape.

A/B testing

A simple way to test and understand the needs and wants of your website visitors. This process is generally used to boost website lead generation and perfect the content development process to boost ROI.

ad campaigns

Any type of media advertisements that are grouped together to accomplish one common goal or task.


Tracking website activity through a data gathering platform such as Google Analytics.

animated images

Any image that conveys motion. Motion graphics, short animations, and GIFs are all types of animated images.

blog content strategy

The strategy by which a business or content development program creates content to better address the needs and wants of their audience.

call-to-action (CTA)

A button or ‘sign’ that directs website visitors through the content journey. A CTA generally comes in the form of a text link.

campaign strategy

A strategy developed and deployed to achieve a specific goal. A campaign will need to have keywords, content, social posts, and other specifics laid out in advance to see the full picture of the goals the particular campaign is attempting to achieve.


Information that can take many forms or formats used to inform, enlighten, and delight website visitors. Generally content as it pertains to marketing and the inbound marketing journey will have a specific purpose and be timed to correlate with a website visitor’s location within their unique buyers journey.

content context

The way in which a particular piece of content is presented to a particular audience. Marketers and business owners alike should focus on delivering high impact content in the context in which the particular buyer persona prefers to consume content.

content marketing

Allows YOUR BUSINESS to become the competitive advantage (CMI). Answers every question your buyer personas, current clients, and past clients have with the content. Builds community and trust.

dynamic content

Content that adapts depending on the visitor’s previous site history, website behavior, and geographic location.

hypertext markup language

Also known as HTML, the computer coding used to develop websites.

key performance indicators (KPI) 

The analytics and metrics used to measure the performance of a particular marketing effort.


A word or group of words used to develop content. Keywords are generally tracked by how your website ranks in the search engine. However, keywords are also how potential website visitors find your content and begin the journey with your brand.

keyword strategy development process

A process by which keywords are segmented by demographics. Needs are identified and behavior-based profiles are developed.

A few questions you may ask yourself during this process:

  • Does this keyword fit within the themes of my website?
  • What content should this keyword assist in producing?
  • How will I leverage this keyword within my content strategy?
  • What buyer personas (s) will this keyword satisfy most?

lead nurturing

Drip marketing tactics are used to nurture marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads by attracting, converting into qualified leads by educating and inviting the lead into your content and social communities by encouraging engagement and brand participation.

link anchor text

The text used within a website as a placeholder for an internal or external link.

location-specific TOMA

Being the local go-to brand or establishment for a specific region, area, or city.

marketing automation

The process in which content and campaigns are managed in an automatic manner, and triggered by visitors’ actions on your site. Marketing automation ensures reliable and timely delivery and allows for segmentation and proper content creation strategy.


A type of viral content, usually humorous, that is spread between internet users (sometimes with user modifications). Early instances of this include 'The dancing baby' and 'LOLcats.' More recent examples include 'doge' and motivational posters with altered messages.

QR code

QR, or quick response codes, are an array of black dots and lines arranged in a square, used for a variety of applications, from marketing, to product tracking, to identification.

responsive design

A web platform in which your site acknowledges what device it is being viewed on and adapts its layout to better serve the website visitor. Elements of the website are resized or redistributed to better navigation and viewability for a more functional user experience.


Smarketing is where sales and marketing meet. Sales + Marketing = Business Growth

social media

I'm going to skip interrogating you about how you have avoided social media up until now, and just tell you that it is a way for people to share information with each other via various websites and applications (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc).

sustainable competitive advantage

How a company creates an edge over the competition. Sustaining this advantage is the process of ascertaining the competitive advantage with little to no extra effort.


Top of mind awareness.

TOMA campaigns

A specific initiative to build brand awareness over a predetermined amount of time. Generally TOMA campaigns are accompanied with S.M.A.R.T goals.

viral content

Viral content is anything that is released and immediately spreads like the flu in a college dorm. These can come in many forms, but are often videos. Notable examples include 'david after dentist' 'charlie bit my finger' and 'leave Britney alone.'


The hardest-working employee in your organization. Always on, no breaks, no holidays, and zero demand for overtime. Your website is an exceptional place to match your brand messaging to the needs of your different buyer personas, or types of website visitors.

website conversion path

The strategy set in place using several website pages to lead a website visitor on the path to conversion, then into a customer, and eventually a brand advocate.

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