Thought Hive: Create Beyond Your Website with a Dynamic Content Marketing Plan


If you are having a problem with your current marketing plan, explore the following tips on how to freshen up your content marketing plan that goes above and beyond your website.

Create Content for Your People

Dynamic content is customized content that suits the current experience of your audience. It’s all about creating content that suits their needs and pain points first rather than yours. For example, you want to create a website redesign eBook, because you want to increase the sales of your web design services. However, your audience’s main pain point is not even knowing that they need a website redesign in the first place. Based off that information, you end up creating a video checklist or an interactive infographic on how to know if your website needs a redesign.

Adapting your eBook idea to a checklist to meet your audience’s needs is dynamic content in action. And practicing this form of content creation will help you think beyond your business and into the minds of your audience, i.e., your customers. In your content marketing plan, your first step should be to use tools like social listening and buyer persona research—aiding you in refreshing your focus when it comes to the content you create.

Being dynamic is not about being bold all on your own. It’s about being boldly relatable.

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Decentralize Your Content

After researching thoroughly, you have to meet your audience where they are online, both physically and creatively. In fact within these last two years, HubSpot’s report on the future of content marketing stated that consumers have increased their social consumption by:

  • 57% on Facebook
  • 25% on Twitter
  • 21% on LinkedIn

With that being said, take this for example. Say you have an audience of 500 people. But then you find out through your research that at least 57% of your audience consumes content from Facebook. Wouldn’t you feel more inclined to create content for Facebook knowing that 285 people are congregated there?

This is where decentralizing your content comes in. There’s a HUGE focus on centering your content solely with your website in mind especially for formats like blog posts, eBooks, etc. But by only focusing on centralizing your content onto your website, you’re not only minimizing your reach, but you’re also limiting your engagement with your audience.

Learn to decentralize from your home planet. Travel across platforms to find key places where your audience congregates online. Then engage WITH them by creating content that they NEED to see.

In order to practice what we preach, we’ve decentralized our In-Sites video series from our website and spread its reach through the social power of YouTube. The following is an example of us putting this into practice by providing you with social media campaign ideas for your business success:

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media, messaging apps, and bots for content via their mobile. This means that content consumption is becoming decentralized across the web. Today, marketers’ content strategy should extend beyond their own blogs and website, and include publishing through external outlets.—HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2016

Diversify Your Content

Now that you are sharing your content both on and off your website, it’s time to start changing things up. The problem facing most marketers today is that consumers skim through long forms of content like a blog post or even a podcast. But it’s mainly due to lack of interactivity. Today’s consumers just want to be engaged in the content. In fact, see the effect of interactive content on online users each day with the following statistics:

Diversifying your content means to be open towards creating new forms of content, especially interactive content. It’s 2016. It’s time to stop being static about what we create and start being as interactive and engaging with our audience through the different forms available and in development that we can use to create content. Especially in terms of using video in your business, check out this quick In-Site about how you can start engaging with your audience through the use of video marketing:

Wistia video thumbnail - Start Engaging With Audience_Wistia_1


Your content is not one size fits all. It’s one size fits most. And that most is your audience.

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Going beyond your website takes the right tools to find the right information needed for marketing success. And HubSpot is definitely providing it with this year’s The State of Inbound 2016. With the convergence of both marketing and sales, this report is filled with helpful information on content, search, ads, and sales—allowing for both teams to really narrow in and create a targeted audience for quality lead nurturing potential. We encourage you to take a look and get inspired to take your content marketing to the next level with inbound.

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State of Inbound 2016


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