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If you’ve had any exposure to the world of online marketing, you’ve probably (hopefully!) heard the phrase “Your website is your best salesperson.” On the surface, this is a very appropriate adage. The website runs 24/7, and in the e-commerce marketplace you simply must have this constant availability to be approached by potential customers. But upon further deliberation, website=sales is only part of the story. To truly incorporate your website into your sales process in the most effective way, you don’t just want the site to sell, you want it to enable your actual sales team to sell better as well.

This process of allowing your team to generate better leads, and effectively close more deals, is referred to as “Sales Enablement.” Sales Enablement is the collection of methodologies, strategies, processes and mechanisms that equip the sales team with better ability to increase revenue. The sales team utilizes these tools to understand their buyer personas and connect with them at the various stages of the buyer’s journey. A conversation between a sales rep and a first-time website visitor is, and should be, much different than a pre-purchase talk with a lead who is about to close.

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You can also check out the infographic below:


Yes, your sales team has information about your product, and probably information regarding the leads they are chasing after. But do they successfully utilize and leverage content from your website that can be incorporated seamlessly in various stages of the sales funnel?

A sales team armed with content — content inspired by their own insights — is a sales team that can more effectively close deals. To make this happen you’ll need the right tools combined with the right processes for your company. So before you craft another piece of content, take a step back, walk over to the nearest sales rep, and have a conversation.Hana Abaza

A website geared towards Sales Enablement should have tons of content. Product descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you consistently write blog posts showing that you are a thought leader in your industry? Try speaking with one or more members of your sales team and see if they read the blog, or would have any interest in writing the occasional blog post. Yes, this increases productivity through division of labor, but more importantly it gets your team to think critically about the product they sell, who they sell it to, and the company they represent.

If a sales organization is properly sharing engaging content with their prospective clients, at every stage of the funnel, they have the ability to reach audiences significantly larger than the average blog or corporate social media page.Marc Cowlin

After upping the ante on the content you produce, you should organize these new assets in a tactful way, so that leads can access only the content that is right for them at the proper time throughout their buyer’s journey.

Create customized landing pages for people who are viewing the blog for the first time, leads who have already downloaded a CTA, return buyers, etc. The goal is to tailor your content as specifically as you can. What you should dream of as a marketing specialist is to have a person click a link and exclaim, “It’s like they created this just for me!”

Sales is not about selling anymore but building trust and educating.Siva Devaki

The traditional, outbound method of sales is simply out of date.

Take a look at the slide share below from Sidekick, a HubSpot sales tool, that will help you sell smarter.

We no longer want to hand our sales reps a gigantic contact sheet and tell them to start calling. Instead, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. Engage the right leads at the right time, but do so in a purposeful way. A phone script can be a solid resource as a jumping off point but by no means should it dictate the conversation. This is where your website comes into play. Try incorporating customer testimonials, whether that be a specific page on the website or embedded into other sections. Being able to leverage your company website presents an invaluable ace for your sales team’s collective pocket.

When a lead is close to converting, it’s infinitely better for them to hear a positive review from a fellow consumer than from a person paid to convert the lead. Craft a story, and stick to it. Appealing to the authenticity of human nature will pay dividends.

Sales Enablement is all about providing your team with the right tools they need to succeed, and letting nature take its course. By providing tailored content, and lots of it, your website can be more than just your “top salesperson.” It can BE your sales methodology.

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