Thought Hive: Improve Your Website Using Lead Generation Website Tips


In today’s Thought Hive, we’re exploring how you can improve your website with the following lead generating tips.

Content is the fuel for your lead generation efforts.—Dayna Rothman

Relatable offers

What do you offer your audience? Do you offer a product or service? How about eBooks, webinars, and whitepapers? Regardless of what you're offering, it must be relatable.

On your website, include buyer persona specific profiles for your users to instantly identify and click through. For example, through Destinations, our example of a vacation booking company, we’ve created three buyer persona specific card designs—labelling clearly who this company is targeting in their marketing. Corporate Events, Family Vacations, and Romantic Getaways are clear and distinct profiles for this company to create offers that will appeal to the target audience. That way, if a user wants to learn more about family vacation planning through Destinations, they can easily identify their needs in order to find what they're looking for.


In fact, on the back of each card, there is a specific offer tailored to meet the needs of that specific user. For instance, if you hover over the Romantic Getaways card, the card flips and presents a vacation for two people in love—helping couples book their getaways immediately while blurring any other distractions or non-related offers, i.e., blurring the other card images.



Lead generation tip #1: Make your audience a part of the buyer’s journey right away. Address their needs immediately by including targeted offers that relate to what they're searching for. Use your buyer persona profiles to your advantage—creating a unique user experience for your audience in the process.

Also, don’t bombard your audience with too many offers. Narrow down your list of offers and formulate an experience based on the ones that your audience needs the most.

Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.—Eric Bower

Actionable primary and secondary calls-to-action on all your webpages

A call-to-action (CTA) is a clickable button or link that takes a user to the offer. In the image below, the time-based copy, i.e., “Last Minute Savings with All Inclusive ‘Hawaii Style’ Vacations” with the “Book now” CTA just makes you want to take action. Let’s be honest here. Who wouldn’t want to grab those last-minute savings for your next Hawaiian adventure with “Fun in the Sun” imagery all around the site.



It’s one thing to have a button underneath a form or a new offer, but if your imagery and your copy is not encouraging people to take action, then what’s the point of having a button? No one is going to click it if you don’t create an experience first.

Lead generation tip #2: Map out your website so that it tells a story that encourages action. Make your CTAs actionable. If you want people to hurry, put a deadline as your CTA. If you have an exclusive offer, make people feel special for receiving this worthwhile content.

Once you have actionable CTAs, be sure to have one primary and one secondary CTA on every webpage. From your homepage to your blog page, reference your website map and choose CTAs according to the action you want your audience to take on each page. For example, on your homepage, maybe you want people to learn more about your brand. Whereas on your blog page, you want people to subscribe to your blog and potentially sign up for a related offer highlighted in your blog content copy.

For more information on how to make your CTAs pop, learn from the following image:



Minimal or detailed form copy

It’s imperative to your lead conversion for you to have a landing page and form to capture the information from your prospects. However, when it comes to what to include in your forms, there are a lot of conflicting best practices between detailed and minimal copy.

Lead generation tip #3: Base the detail of your form copy on the context of your offer as well as how much information you need to capture from your prospects. As exemplified below, minimal form copy is great for potential prospects. However, through your own research and analysis, you need to determine:

  • How much information is necessary to convert this prospect into a lead?
  • Is the value of my content offer worth all the asked for information?


For more information on how to create your own lead generating website, explore the following best practices provided below:


By far the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is always to use a process that automatically brands you, supplies worth to your prospects, follows up with them and sorts out the uninterested people.—MLM Lead Generation

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