Thought Hive: Stop Your Fear of Video using These Video Marketing Tips


Are you a person that feels that video is not for your business? If so, do these reasons sound familiar to you:

  • I don’t have the resources i.e. money, DSLR camera, editing software, and especially actors.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • If our business did use video, I don’t know what type of video would engage our audience the most.

These are very valid reasons especially if you’ve currently experiencing all three at the same time. Or maybe these reasons are just fears keeping you from creating in the first place.

With the availability of video literally everywhere from Facebook Live to Snapchat, anyone can make video. In fact, you can minimize the resources you need to engage with your audience visually instead of solely depending on written form content.

In today’s marketing world, you can’t be afraid to try new things especially when those new trends are where your potential customers are. That’s why in today’s Thought Hive, we’re providing you with three video marketing tips plus additional visual resources, i.e., videos, to help you start making videos and creating visual conversations with your audience.

Engage your audience by trying new things

“Practice makes perfect” is a familiar term that you’ve may have heard or used at least once in your life. But the problem with this phrase is how do you measure perfection. With video, nothing is really perfect, not even the final product.

In the end, the final video is the best thing that you can create right now. But in this day and age, that one video is not the end all be all of your video marketing. In fact, with your next video, you can apply the things you learned or didn’t like from your last video into the next one—bettering your video skills and insight in the process.

For example, you create a full production video with lights, a backdrop, a teleprompter, and an actor. Yet after watching the final product, you noticed that the person on screen, i.e. yourself, someone on your team, or a paid actor, was just a talking head for the entire video and didn’t really excite the viewer about the video’s main topic.

So what do you do?

Make another video. Except this time, create a video that has a person on screen that not only knows what they are talking about but is also excited about what they are talking about. If the person is nervous, do a couple of practice takes where they talk to the camera as if they talking with a close friend or loved one. The more personal they can be, the more personal your video will resonate with your audience. Or, you can also add data like charts, video graphics, a teaser or an animation to help break up the talking head motif.

From now on, instead of thinking “practice makes perfect”, use “practice makes progress.” You are not going to create that HUGE viral video the first time. You are going to have to use some trial and error to see what works for your team and for your audience.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a prime example of being a marketing practitioner from video to social media marketing. And as a marketer, you have to be a practitioner. You have to practice what you preach. And that’s what Gary does in the following videos—providing insight on why you need to step up and try new things, but how to be the first at it before other marketers ruin it:

Key takeaway: Practice makes progress. In order for you to be great at video, you have to practice video. Create a webinar. Create a live video Q&A. Create an explainer video. Just create in order to see how you can progress and grow from there.

If you are not marketing in Zuckerberg’s world, you might as well be marketing inside a trash can.—Brian Halligan

Engage your audience with consistency

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get your marketing done. From tweeting, checking analytics to even following up with leads, video seems to be just another strain on your marketing strategy.

But it doesn’t have to be.

By creating an editorial calendar, you can plan out your videos around the availability of your team and have it inline with when your audience is congregating online.

For example, you and your team are pressed for time. But, Friday afternoons are the only times you all can meet up. AND after looking at your analytics, you noticed that your audience also congregates on Facebook and Twitter around the same time. With all that in mind, use that time to create a video. And especially if you’re pressed for time, create a live Q&A session or a quick video solving their pain point either as a webinar or as a broadcast through Periscope or Facebook Live. That way you don’t have to worry about editing and can instantaneously meet with your audience week after week on Friday afternoons.

Building consistency with your audience and meeting them where they are online is key to video marketing success. In this video, check out how Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel is optimized for cross channel video marketing:

Key takeaway: Create an editorial calendar. Have it inlined with your team’s schedule and your audience’s time online. One way to make it easier is to plan it around your blog post topics, which should be created from your audience’s pain points. That way, you can repurpose your blog posts into video scripts or use them to highlight a specific discussion topic for the week, i.e., if your blog posts are focused on social media marketing, you can create a video that talks about the many social platforms marketers are currently targeting right now.

Engage your audience with transparency

Finally, the last marketing tip is to be transparent. Be upfront and real with your audience. You can give them an inside scoop on a mistake you made in the past and how it made your business better. You can focus on a topic that you’re knowledgeable in—providing mini takeaways and solutions that they can apply quickly to their business. Being transparent is using thought leadership by becoming a thought leader for your audience.

A thought leader is educating your audience on topics that you’re knowledgeable in and that they are currently struggling with. In this last video, Amy Schmittauer , a thought leader on video and social media marketing, talks about her first video and how embarrassed and scared she was to even post it. But not only that, you learn how she overcomes that fear and creates her second video as a video response for Toby Turner.

There’s more video marketing tips out there. But we just wanted to leave you with a few of them just to get you started. In fact, take these tips, use this infographic provided by Quicksprout and create your first video.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Explainer Video
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


It’s almost of the year. And video is just going to get bigger in 2017 and beyond. Let go of the fear of video marketing and start reaping the value and benefits for your business.

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