Thought Hive: Tips to Engage Your Audience Using White Hat Marketing


Inbound marketing is a way to attract, convert, close, and delight customers into your brand’s most valuable word of mouth marketers. It is designed around the idea of attracting new customers while cultivating a relationship with your current audience in a way that provides value, thought leadership, and insight into their needs and motivations. And using white hat marketing in particular, can definitely help with that.

White hat marketing is all about creating optimization strategies that focus solely on your audience first before the search engine. Because, let’s be honest in order for search engines to work you still need users to use them. In today’s Thought Hive, let’s return our focus back to our human users and explore some industry tips and insight on how white hat marketing can help organically engage and grow your audience.

In order to pull off a successful inbound campaign, you must employ white hat marketing tactics. These tactics are generally based on relevant content creation that includes beneficial information to your customer, website visitors, and qualified leads. By providing insight on industry trends or quality information that pertains to your audience’s pain points and needs, you’ve hit the starting point on how to build an engaged community around your brand.

Still unsure on how white hat marketing can help engage and grow your audience? Explore the following insight from these marketing thought leaders who weighed in on the tactics of white hat marketing to better your marketing mix.

The best way to grow your audience is with a variety of engaging content. This includes informative posts, images, videos, promotions, polls and any other type of interactive status update that grabs audience attention. Once this type of content is being created on a regular basis, social media managers should also consider either advertising on social networks or promoting their content so that more people can see it, which can be done on both Facebook and Twitter. These strategies spread the word about a brand’s social profiles, which helps increase real fan and follower numbers.—WebsiteMagazine

Write some high-quality blog posts with your audience in mind. Before I begin a blog post, I like to think about some of the questions someone looking for my services might be asking about. For example, since we do Web development one of our recent posts was 14 Questions to Ask Your Web Developer. This article has already gotten us several relevant links, as well as some phone calls from clients who were interested in our services after reading the post. Some other ideas for blog posts can be industry related guides as well as announcing sales, contests, new products, or special offers. (Pro tip: Contests are a fantastic type of blog post that can lead to a lot of high-quality links.)—DigitalListMag

If you still need a little help on how you can start using white hat marketing for your business, here are some key techniques you can use to start engaging and growing your audience in the following video:

Wistia video thumbnail - White Hat Ways to Build Inbound Links

As you can see, white hat marketing is more about the customer than the search engine. White hat marketing is all about building engagement with your audience and also within your industry. The purest form of engagement you can provide your audience is to just be present in the lives of your audience—making sure that you are adding value to it one blog post, video, comment, or social media post at a time.

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