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If you’re a business owner or marketer, you’re probably well aware of the importance of inbound marketing and marketing automation. Blogging, social media, video, email, and all of the other methods of digital marketing draw consumers to your brand.

When you combine marketing automation with video, the conversion opportunities and user experience improves drastically. Let’s take a look.

Using Video with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been around for years, and video has been around even longer. But using these two tools together is uncharted territory for many businesses. You probably have some questions.—Wistia 

Defining and Explaining Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is pretty much exactly as it sounds—a process that automates your inbound marketing efforts. According to Quicksprout, the purpose of marketing automation is to nurture prospects long-term through inbound marketing methods like email, social media, and content marketing.

Techopedia defines the process this way: “Marketing automation is the use of software and Web-based services to execute, manage and automate marketing tasks and processes. It replaces manual and repetitive marketing processes with purpose-built software and applications geared toward performance.”

To explain a bit more, marketing automation defines, schedules, segments, and tracks marketing campaigns. You start by creating several buyer personas, which are based on detailed market research involving your target audience. Next, you produce several pieces of content catered to each persona.

You can take it a step further by developing, even more, pieces of content for each persona at different stages in the sales cycle. Once that’s done, your automation program takes care of the rest.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Now that you have a basic understanding of marketing automation, you may be wondering, why you should care about it. Maybe you think it’s only for huge corporations, enterprise level companies, or professional marketers with big budgets. But in truth, automation is beneficial to companies and businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Here are a few benefits to consider.

Benefits of Using Video in Your Marketing Campaigns

Startups, nonprofits, and businesses of all types are using video to attract, convert, close, and delight customers in more innovative and intriguing ways every day. If your company is not looking into how to develop a vision with video, i.e., video marketing, entertainment videos, or interactive content, you may be passing up prime opportunities to build community around your product or service.

Images are easily shareable. Blog posts are very informative. Infographics are appealing and informative. But video, on the other hand, tells a story all on its own; video has a high impact and a lasting effect on the audience you are trying to reach.

Your customers aren’t in it to be engaged, they’re looking to be entertained.—Mathew Sweezey.

In a very short amount of time, you can show the viewer all about the benefits and applications of a specific product or service. In fact, video equals higher viewer retention. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. This is far more preferable means of communication instead of explaining with long, drawn-out and sometimes lifeless copy. Video can show and tell instead of just tell—whether it be a review of products or services or a tutorial about a new feature—video almost always does it better.

Like with any form of content marketing, there are particular steps and video marketing best practices to consider along the way. Let’s review some of the most important ones so you can get on your way to producing videos that generate increased return on investment for your business and add immense value to your content community:

  1. Start Now: Video has quickly become the number one source of consumed media both on desktop computers and mobile devices. The average adult consumes many hours of video per day—78% of people watch online videos every week, 55% watch every day. Therefore, it’s never too late to begin creating compelling content and get in on the 300 hours of video that are uploaded to Youtube every minute.
  2. Establish A Set of Goals: Before you jump into producing a video, it is important to establish solid reasons for producing a marketing video in the first place. Setting a goal for your video marketing efforts will also provide a more fluid process for tracking and managing your performance.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Push Goal: Having a goal that extends to each member of your organization will not only better your business, but allow everyone to participate in content creation and creative development. You are more likely to generate a higher-performing video when you have all hands on deck and a goal in mind that makes everyone extremely aware of the approaching deadline.
  4. Publish Regularly: Just like with other forms of content like blogs or podcasts, having a regularly scheduled release date is important. Creating a consistent publishing schedule will allow your audience to plan ahead, and begin to build a routine around your content. Keeping a consistent publishing schedule will also allow for internal agility and quick response to the content your community is looking for.
  5. Remain Authentic: With video campaigns, it is easy to get off-track to chase a fire or to try to leverage a trend that is hot right now. It is not a good idea to chase these shiny objects as it may skew the message of your brand. Being authentic in your online video campaigns allows your audience to trust your brand.
  6. Hire A Professional: If you have not produced a video before, it may be a good idea to bring a professional video production company on board. This doesn’t have to be a forever decision. The cost of video production and the cost of video editing may seem high for some smaller businesses, but what is the cost of not having the advantage of video within your marketing mix? Video has proven higher return on investment for businesses across the world.
  7. Have A Concrete Message: If you are hiring a video production company, this should be an easy one. The creative producer and associated video company will be able to provide guidance as to how to best convey your message. Your job in this step is to be sure to keep that message front of mind for all involved parties.
  8. Use Event Marketing: Trade shows are great marketing opportunities to gather and create video clips with your video production team. Video interviews and testimonial videos are very effective at communicating your brand vision. This also allows you to use word of mouth marketing with said testimonials.

For more information about video marketing, check out this video that answers 8 common questions about your online video marketing plan.


Your viewers have to walk away feeling like they took more away from you than you took from them.—Scott Alexander

In a short time after adopting a successful video strategy, you will notice viewers will begin to know and trust your brand message and vision—what they can expect from your brand, content, and community. It is important to develop a vision with video. It is a good idea to have a fully mapped out plan and follow it to the very last detail.

Documenting your strategy and developing a video campaign strategy will allow you to measure and track the details of your marketing efforts. Just as with any other form of content, there should be a well-developed distribution strategy and pre-established goals for each of the marketing video efforts you are producing.

Setting a reasonable expectation early can avoid disappointment, confusion, and help avoid poor customer experience. Explainer videos and product demos are great types of video marketing strategies to start with that may work for your business. So start incorporating video into your marketing strategy by establishing your goals, creating your publishing schedule and keeping it consistent with your brand. And if you’re not convinced on the effects of video marketing for businesses, remember:

The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web.—Michael Litt

Explore ways to engage with your audience with video marketing and these best practices:


Better use of resources

Marketing can quickly become costly and time-consuming. The amount of staff it takes to plan and implement campaigns is overwhelming. But with automation, many of the processes needed to move campaigns forward are taken care of for you.

That means less time and money spent. In fact, Gartner Research estimates that businesses save 15% on creative production when they make use of automation programs.

More Streamlined Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation allows you to send relevant messages to potential customers based on their own needs at the time the messages are received. This increases click-through rates and conversions.

Not convinced? Jupiter Research found that relevant emails led to 18 percent more revenue than generalized, mass emails. Additionally, personalized emails increase click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%, according to Aberdeen Group.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.—Andrew Davis

Improved Sales Follow-Up

What’s the point of marketing if your sales team isn’t able to properly follow up with leads in a timely manner? Because automation programs allow you to track and manage your leads, sales professionals can easily conduct any necessary follow-up.

For example, Forrester Research estimates that 25 percent of businesses with established lead management systems contact prospects within one day, as opposed to only 10 percent of those without lead management.

How Marketing Automation Drives Growth

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, automation drives growth by freeing up your marketing professionals to do more. Once automation is set up on one campaign, marketers can rest assured that content is going out as planned and that the campaign is feeding itself with amazing content that has already been created.

In the meantime, your marketing team can move on to the next campaign. The ability to easily and efficiently manage multiple campaigns at once pushes your business toward significant growth. After all, more campaigns mean more leads. And isn’t that the whole point of this thing called marketing?

No matter what kind of business you run, how many employees you have, or where you meet your customers, video marketing automation is for you. Streamlining your video marketing efforts is the best way to ensure success, and automation is the answer. Create, manage, and analyze your campaigns like you never thought possible.

For more information about using video with marketing automation download our eBook, and learn:

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