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When you are offering up content for a particular brand, product, service, or non-profit, you are inevitably introducing your audience to a community of virtual stakeholders of your company. It is as important to uphold this community as it is to develop and better your product or service offering. The well-being of your content community weighs heavy on its ability to perform as a informative thought provoking tool to build community and position your brand around thought leadership.

In an article exceptionally titled, "Customer-Centric Marketing: Listen to your customers if you want to live,” Phillip Axelrod discusses the importance of listening to customers.

As much as you want community engagement to grow your brand, your customers and community members want you to listen and address their most nagging pain points. Listening to your customers will allow you to add value and provide solutions for each of your community members.

"The underlying truth of the above statement is profound whether implied in the business sense, the entrepreneurial sense or even the “Terminator” sense from which this phrase emanates. In this day and age, if you want your business to live, you must listen to your customers."

Philip Axelrod

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Teaching with the power of storytelling is an excellent way to encourage community engagement. If you have experimented with video marketing, video production, and online video for your content community, you may already know how powerful video can be for any brand.

With the amount of video consumed daily reaching new heights each day, it only makes sense to provide this sort of content to your community.

"No matter what your video program goals are, know that storytelling is crafted over time. And everything is better with a plan.

Spend time curating focused messaging and visuals that will provide the audience with a desired experience. Use various iterations posted to different platforms that create video touchpoints. An effective campaign is thoughtful and varied in its delivery.

Developing compelling video doesn't mean you need to change your story; it's a tool to tell your story better."

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Because social media engagement is not a strategy, it can be difficult to map out in a simple step-by-step process. There are, however, best practices you can put into action to help create an environment more conducive to high-quality and beneficial social engagement.

  • Be social. Reach out to your community, spark a conversation, and understand what the community wants as a whole. It would be best for brand-building to reach out on a personal level as well.

  • Be consistent. Remaining ever-present on social media is impossible. However, being consistent is not. Creating a reliable pattern of social outreach not only ensures your community knows when to connect with you, but also provides a sense of security. Think of this like your hours of operation - if you have a sign posted with your hours of operation distrust may become an issue if you close up shop without warning.

  • Stay true to the brand. Shout it from the rooftops, show what your brand is by providing valuable takeaways. These takeaways don't have to be time-consuming content you create in-house, it can be curated articles from parallel industries. Your brand will resonate with valuable content to encourage customer engagement.

Cydne Stewart
Direct Images Interactive

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There isn’t one single social media prescription that is guaranteed to cure what ails your company. Variety, consistent monitoring, and testing are needed to encourage engagement, draw in leads, and gain customers. HubSpot’s social media benchmarks report provides an excellent overview of what is most likely to work for your business depending on its size and industry. But from there, it is up to you to tweak your strategy and see what resonates with your audience and works best for your company. Good luck and happy posting!

There is no magic bullet, secret weapon, or perfect recipe for increasing social engagement. [tweet].

Different audiences respond in different ways. What works for one industry or company size might not work for another.[tweet].

Mathilde Heinemann
Direct Images Interactive

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Community members can be engaged many ways. A lot of times this engagement will develop over time. The best way to properly develop a community over time is to listen intently, provide valuable and shareable information, and deliver your content in the preferred form of your content audience.

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