Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Content Marketing


It’s time again for our Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Content Marketing. This week we’ll hear from the industry’s most influential thought leaders who are raising the bar for content marketing.

What would content marketing thought leadership be without a spotlight on Robert Rose? "As Chief Strategy Officer for Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Robert works with organizations around the world to develop a stronger and more successful strategy around content. “Embracing” is the new keyword in his consulting. Businesses are coming to the conclusion that content marketing is necessary.” (CMI)

Searching through the 30+ slideshares Robert Rose has developed, this one seems to exemplify his contribution to thought leadership. Utilize the digital transformation to create, distribute, and improve the quality of content for your content niche. This will have direct impact on your ability to reach the individuals who value your content most. And who you value—your content community.

Content has been around for a while. The digital transformation has allowed marketers, innovators, and thought leaders of any brand or niche to easily build community around their content with the next wave of marketing.

Digital Transformation

Robert Rose @Robert_Rose

See full slideshare here.

You should think of your content as a value you are providing in hopes of an exchange. For example, when you post to social media your intent is to increase engagement, or get a retweet or favorite. You may be looking for feedback, or an answer to your poll. If this is the case, you have to first provide enough value for your community to take time from their day to take the action you want them to. This is value exchange.

The best way to provide this value is to ensure you are listening to what your community wants. Courtney Eckerle explains:

"The good news is that, as marketers, we have it easy. Customers are telling you what they want to hear, and it’s only a matter of listening to what they’re saying. Sounds simple, right? I can practically hear everyone mentally (or maybe actually) murmuring, “Duh.”....Whether it’s email, blogs, social media or any of the other seemingly endless channels, the main point is to have a conversation. Be engaging.” (Marketing Sherpa)

Courtney Eckerle @CourtneyEckerle

You can read more of this article here.

It is just as important to be engaging as it is to be informative. It is also important to be selective. Being selective can take many meanings but for content development purposes, see Joe Pulizzi’s perspective in a quote below.

"Whether your goal is to sell more software or advertising, you need to get focused on your core audience. If you haven’t already, answer these questions and make sure your entire content marketing team pastes them to their foreheads.”

Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi

You can read more of this article here.

Choosing a topic can prove to be more difficult than it sounds. Picking a niche topic to build a community around it is vital to the success of your blog.

"Consistency is key in blogging and community building. If your topics are hit and miss, it is difficult for your readers and potential community members to build a trusting relationship with your content."

Cydne Stewart @DirectImages

You can read more of this article here.

Content provides a way to build a community. In order to maintain this community-like atmosphere, your content offerings must be informative, interesting, and thought-provoking.

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