Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Creative Marketing for Mobile Users

As marketers, we have our work cut out for us even before we get into the mobile world. Balancing messaging, design, functionality, and appeal can become overwhelming. Developing a creative marketing campaign for mobile users is exponentially more difficult than one might think. The first problem usually occurs when we get bogged down in a desktop frame-of-mind. We all know mobile is beginning to dominate time and demand attention.

So how do we develop creative marketing for mobile users that is effective at communicating a brand's message while providing value, and a unique user experience? In this week Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Creative Marketing for Mobile Users, we will discuss ways to construct effective creative marketing for mobile devices.

The first step to mobile success is knowing your audience.

It's important to pinpoint who is using your website and how they are using it. But more pivotal than that, it is important to understand why they are using your site, how it helps them, what they are looking for, and how much time they have to spend with your brand. All of these steps are great for any marketing initiative, but to understand a mobile user you have to take it a step further.

"Now we get to the mobile component. Once you know what motivates your persona and the types of content they engage with, you can determine which mobile channels to use. Are you trying to reach younger buyers with text/image content? Then a mobile-friendly responsive design for your web offerings is essential. Do you want to make an impact with special price offers and coupons? Then consider an SMS campaign and/or QR codes.” (Readz)

Before you take it to the next level with mobile user buyer personas you may want to refresh on the basics of developing buyer personas. If this is the case you can start here:

Remember, not all mobile devices are created equally.

Since mobile has gone mad, new devices are popping up everywhere. Their capabilities and sizes vary almost as much as the user. It is our job as marketers to dig in, understand the different advantages and disadvantages of each, all while bolstering enough courage to try something new.

"People use mobile differently from other devices - if you can carry it with you, it’s more personal. Users expect instantaneous actions. If something doesn’t hold their attention, they’ll move on quickly. Think about tablets as well as mobiles - people use tablets differently to mobile phones. Images can be bolder and more complex, and research indicates that spend is higher - particularly for luxury goods." (eConsultancy)

For more information on user experience and mobile devices you can check out these articles:

Use targeted and creative marketing methods for mobile.

Most may think that marketing on mobile will constrict options to less than what you may be able to accomplish in a desktop setting. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A mobile user experience is different than a desktop but doesn’t have to be a slimmed down version of your desktop user experience, it can be an extended experience.

"Don’t hide your mobile marketing efforts.  If you have an app, post videos online, offer a mobile site, engage in text messaging or use QR codes on your print stuff, tell your audience!  Toot your own horn and make sure those who are already fans of yours know what you have to offer so that they can become your number-one mobile marketing fan." (

Form meets functionality.

When deciding how to balance form and functionality you must devote time and planning to develop an understanding of what your end product will be and what it takes to guide your website visitors through their buyer's journey.

"Responding to a mobile ad or campaign should be as easy as possible, and there are a few things designers can do to ensure a seamless user experience. A clear call to action is essential. And be sure the user knows what steps they must take to complete the transaction." (99Designs)

Understand mobile design is a new concept.

"The mobile experience is still in its infancy, but if modern website design trends are any indication, the Internet will be an increasingly visual experience. Of course, trends come and go, and the latest technology is replaced with something newer and better every day. But it definitely seems that our devices are going to be more centered around looking and touching, and less around just reading, as we move into the future." (DirectImages)

Provide value and utility.

Segmenting and understanding buyer personas and their needs throughout the buyers journey can benefit both marketing and sales conversions.

"Most customers are not interested in all the products of a company’s vertical market. Site segmentation can help narrow the search and focus attention. Caterpillar, for example, utilizes category tabs that help customers easily find what they want."(

Always remember to test for effectiveness.

As Venture Beat explains, "If there’s one word that can sum up creative testing, it’s this: Details. As Nguyen learned early on, the smallest changes can bring surprisingly big results.” (VentureBeat) Simple testing of mobile emails, ebooks, and other marketing collateral can make or break the efforts put into your creative marketing for mobile users.

The lesson worth learning in all of this is plan, plan, plan. Follow these recommendations to get your mobile marketing off in the right direction. If you have questions regarding mobile marketing, creative marketing, inbound marketing or website design please leave them in the comments, or feel free to reach out on social media.  

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