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The benefits of inbound marketing are exciting to read about. Attracting new visitors by creating quality content through blogging. Increasing lead conversion through lead nurturing. Delighting potential and existing customers by building trust and value through social media and email nurturing engagement. I mean I can go on about the benefits of inbound marketing for your business for hours.

Reading about its benefits is one thing. However, implementing inbound marketing is a whole other monster altogether. At least, that’s what it seems like. But, it doesn’t have to be. Having the right toolkit with you before you start any project is a life saver. So why not have the right inbound marketing toolkit for your business. Whether you’re just learning about the inbound methodology or you’re a seasoned inbound marketer, here are some helpful tools to put in your inbound marketing toolkit that will boost your marketing and business goals towards overall success.

Attract Tools

Blogging is a great way to attract strangers to your website and converting them into recurring visitors. Also with blogging, you’re setting yourself up as a thought leader in your industry as well as also catering to your audience pain points, providing them with solutions within your company’s industry and with your products or services to help them solve their problems. I mean with blogging benefits like these, if you haven’t started blogging, you should definitely start now.

Using Wordpress will definitely aid you in achieving the above blogging benefits because it’s one of the best lead generation tools out there. It’s an SEO (search engine optimization) and mobile friendly tool with many integrations like social media and newsletters.

Once your great blog post is published, you’ll want to distribute and promote your great content on the multiple social media platforms out there. Social media platforms are a great way to boost your brand’s visibility by getting your content, products and services out into the public sphere.

However, taking the time to post can be draining especially if your company is using two or three social media platforms a day. But with HootSuite, you are using a tool that is the hive for all things social media. With Hootsuite, it allows you to consolidate accounts into one dashboard where you can can schedule updates, see replies and follow other social media accounts.

Thought Leader Gerry Moran, @GerryMoran from Marketing Think had this to say about the benefits of HootSuite — "Inbound marketing success depends on using content to begin and build relationships. I need to be able to listen, broadcast and converse with my target audience and network.  HootSuite is my social media command center. It allows me to listen, to schedule posts, to analyze and to participate easily in tweet chats. LOVE It."

With Wordpress and HootSuite, your brand visibility efforts will definitely increase your brand visibility through social media publishing and engagement as well as bringing all those numbers of strangers and visitors to your website.

Convert Tools

Now that you have all these great new and existing people coming to your website, how are you going to harness all this new traffic? Well, you can take those visitors and guide them over from a CTA, call-to-action, to a landing page using LeadPages, a software that allows you to create beautiful and responsive landing pages, for a downloadable content offer like an eBook or whitepaper in return for your audience’s email addresses. With LeadPages, you can even integrate your published landing pages into multiple platforms like Wordpress and converting those visitors into the leads your business needs.

Close Tools

Generating visitors and converting them into leads is good. But converting those leads into delighted customers is so much better. With tools like MailChimp and HubSpot Marketing Automation or HubSpot workflows, you can use lead nurturing tactics through email to move your newly converted leads into sales ready customers.

Thought Leader Vin Gaeta, @vinIMPACT from Impact had this to say about the benefits of HubSpot for workflow creation and flexibility — “HubSpot's workflow tool is one of the most powerful Inbound Marketing Tools, but sometimes it most definitely, gets overlooked. I've used the tool to create workflows ranging from a unique referral program and dealer sign up program (that loads into an interactive map), down to basic lead nurturing programs that provide value for the user. If you think outside of the box the applications can be immensely powerful.”

Using MailChimp and HubSpot Marketing Automation for your lead nurturing campaigns will educate your visitors and leads by providing them with content that matters to them — transforming them into potential buyers.

Delight & Analysis Tools

After nurturing your leads into customers, delighting them is the most important stage in order to continue your relationship with them even after the sale — potentially nurturing them to buying more of your products and services. Using surveys to gain those needed customers’ experiences about your content, products and services helps to analyze what you can do better for these existing and even potential customers.

SurveyMonkey is a survey creation tool that collects that much needed feedback directly from your audience. You can even use SurveyMonkey to gain information from your audience about their pain points and seeing how you can convert their responses into great quality content.

The All-In-One Tool

With HubSpot, you are provided an all-in-one system that will magnetize your website to your ideal audience. And with HubSpot integrations, their integrations can enhance your company in every stage of the inbound methodology.

The inbound methodology is a holistic approach to marketing. These tools can benefit every stage in your inbound marketing efforts. So why not have all the tools necessary that reflect this holistically cyclical process.

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