Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Inbound Marketing Trends

Discover inbound marketing trends from industry thought leaders

Inbound marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Have you joined the movement? In this interactive video blog, thought leaders give their opinion about what the latest inbound marketing trends are and where the movement is going.

Just a few years ago at HubSpot’s Inbound 2012 conference, 2,000 marketers were looking to understand the benefits of content marketing and learn more about a new approach to marketing—the inbound methodology. This year at Inbound 2015, an impressive 14,000 attendees proved that inbound marketing is not a niche concept, but a growing movement.

The truth is that many outbound marketing techniques have become less effective with the strength of Google and other search engines. Interruptive outbound approaches like cold calls and bulk mail are getting the cold shoulder while inbound techniques that allow Internet searchers to find you through SEO and content marketing continue to heat up.

So what are the current trends of inbound marketing?


Inbound marketing tools continue to improve in assisting you with attracting visitors to your site, converting them to leads, closing them to customers and ultimately delighting them with your ongoing service.

Tighter integration of these primary tools into a single platform continue to improve. API connectivity with 3rd party services like the big Z’s, Zapier and Zendesk have become easier.

The distinction between business departments continues to melt as marketing fuses more with not only sales, but advertising as well.

Instead of exporting out your marketing leads as a csv file and then researching the leads all over again from scratch in the sales department, you can now capture, score and hand off leads to your sales team within the same platform the marketing team started the customer lifecycle with. You can send tracked emails and place calls from within the CRM.

You can segment your data based on any property and relate it back to revenue.

Analytics has become more detailed and can be reported in new customized ways. inbound video marketing is now able to generate more data as it relates to your sales and customer lifecycle.

Where is inbound marketing going in the future?


Inbound marketing will continue to empower the consumer with vast amounts of content. So how do you differentiate yourself amidst a sea of content? Dymski suggests that you get creative with the type of content that you produce and find a way to be prominent in that area. “Find as narrow a focus of possible. Create content that adds value to that focus whether it is a podcast, a video series, an in depth blog post, or whatever it is, and always put the customer at the center of everything that you do.”

With all the great new tools available and all the work to do, many marketers are hiring inbound marketing agencies for help. Sakas points out that “As inbound marketing becomes more complex, a lot of companies need help, doing it smarter, doing it better, and that’s where agencies come in.”

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