Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Interactive Design Insights


Incorporating interactive design as a marketing solution for businesses is a trend that isn't dying out anytime soon. Dillon Baker, author at Ceros, stated that "big-name publishers like The New York Times and FiveThirtyEight have proven that interactive design works, and brands haven’t been afraid to throw their budget behind interactive design either."

How Video and Interactivity Create ROI

Still not convinced? Well, check out these three noteworthy key points and explore more about the importance of video in today's marketing landscape:

  • 60 percent of people prefer video over reading text
  • Video keeps visitors on your website longer
  • Video is more memorable than written content

Now that you're excited about interactive design and video, you might be wondering, "Where do I begin?" This is an excellent question to ask yourself. You want to make sure that you are always tailoring your content to meet your audience's needs as well as your own business goals. However, though the trend is providing great results for other companies, you might be worried if this trend can be beneficial to your own business. By focusing on the following examples, let's discover the different types of interactive design and how they can be utilized for your business.

Corporate Interactive Design

For more corporate focused or corporate targeted businesses, Direct Images Interactive provided Capital Engineering the following video example.

With its navigable chapters and interactive quizzes, no longer does your in-house training videos have to be bland and static. Get your team and audience involved in your content. Take your trainings or webinars to the next level for more interactive experiences not only for your in-house team, but also using interactivity to provide the wow for your audience.

Creative Interactive Design

For more creative focused businesses or if you want to use interactive video to take a new creative step with your marketing efforts, Coldplay can actually answer that for you. You may be wondering how a band can provide you with creative marketing ideas. But in fact, in 2015, Coldplay and Blind collaborated to produce an awe-inspiring interactive music video experience for their viewers, which in fact won a Webby Award.



In the music video, viewers explore beautifully animated environments by making real-time choices throughout the video. With over 300 possible paths to take, each experience-altering decision changes how the story unfolds. A way you can convert this creative design into inbound marketing is using interactive design to enhance your lead nurturing and engagement efforts. For example, create an explorative video or image like the makers at ThingLink to educate your audience on solutions to their overall pain points.

Explore and experience Coldplay ✦ Ink for yourself and see what elements they use and how creative interactive design can be implemented into your business.

Product Interactive Design

For more product focused businesses, sometimes you just want to change the way you visualize your product to your audience. For instance, displaying your product in a static image with a white background is very common. However, your business wants to stand out. Now with interactive design, not only can you make your products interactive, outside of doing a 360 view, but now it is possible to address and resolve your audience's pain points at the same time. Not convinced? Check out Jenson USA's interactive review of the Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition.

So whether you're corporate, creative or product focused, interactive design can fit your business needs and provide you a more exciting and wowing approach to your marketing tactics as well as ultimately to your audience.

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