Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Maintaining an Effective Website Marketing Strategy


One of the biggest challenges for all website owners is knowing just what is going on when your customers visit your site.

You may have a great looking web site and a lot of visitors, but maintaining an effective website marketing strategy is a tough thing to do. You are aware that your site should not stay dormant and that it should be an ongoing, living entity, but you may not know who your website visitors or what the best strategic approach should be.  For the executive, hearing that is not always a welcome thing. Unless your website is something revelatory and it takes off beyond your wildest dreams then you had best be prepared to be in it for the long haul.

When you are trying to deploy a smart website marketing strategy, your best bet is to use "thought leadership" to really help set your site apart. But what exactly does thought leadership mean in relation to website marketing?How do you implement effective tactics? What can you do to know that your thought leadership has really taken its place as leader of the pack?

Well, you analyze website visitor data. There is a great deal of data available which many business owners just don't pick up on. It's not for lack of will or carelessness; there is often just not enough time to pick up all the breadcrumbs which are left by your customers and by your website visitors.

But, when you use a thought leadership tactic to really go after your customer’s habits, you can pick up all kinds of great information. It's this specific info that you are seeking out which will help your website prosper. How has your content been received? How have your visitors responded to your content? Has it sprung them to action? If not, why? If so, why? What is your visitors overall user experience? How did they receive the content and what did they do with it? What is your growth strategy? How are you able to use the profiles of the people who had a pleasant experience to get more people just like them to come and be similarly attracted to your site?

Once you begin asking the right questions, you can start tracking and monitoring progress with the proper data. This data can then be used to create personas, or semi-fictional characters used to represent your ideal customer. For more information about buyer personas, you can download our Buyer Persona Workbook that is complete with a template to help you get your buyer personas built out.This will truly aid the success of your website.

Buyer persona analysis.

The analysis of buyer personas is really where things begin to be illuminated for the website owner. For example, what is the click-through rate? … or the source that pointed them to your website? If you know this, you can then deduce other information like what type of customers you have, where you can best reach them, even the best time of day to contact your particular target market. Again, it's impossible to know just who these visitors are, what they did, and when they did it—while at your site.  By tackling these nuts-and-bolts issues, you can begin to get a clearer picture of who your customer is and what their behavior patterns are all about. 

Prove ROI of your website.

Another step in your thought leadership trajectory is being able to see just who spent time there. What did they look at? Why did they go there? Your return on investment (ROI) is an essential measurement all website owners should have a good handle on before continuing or abandoning a marketing strategy. You just never know how well something is - or is not  working until you get review your quarterly performance reports. Close scrutiny of this data will give your marketing efforts a far more defined and clear path to take for the next action items.

Drill down, rinse, and repeat: 

Once you have done all of the analysis and implemented the needed changes, its time to do it again. It may seem laborious or cumbersome to try and keep pace with this ever changing world, but consider the individual still listening to their LP's and plunking away on a manual typewriter; ask them how they have adjusted to the modern day society.

So as long as you hope to keep your website relevant and profitable, you should remember that the analysis reviews, major updates, refreshes, and tweaks to the site never stop.

If you just don't have the constitution or the time for this type of work, consider partnering with an agency. Direct Images Interactive can help you with whatever website concerns you have. 

Start bouncing ideas around, begin a plan of attack, and create and deploy your own remarkable website marketing platform today.


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