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Which is better inbound marketing or outbound marketing? You may have heard or have been asking yourself this question since the term was coined in 2009 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Because of this feud, there’s still uncertainty in regards to which form of marketing is good for businesses.

However, the kicker is that both of these types of marketing are just ways to express the types of approaches marketers use to reach their respective audiences. For example, inbound marketing is more of a customer focused approach—attracting customers to your brand and allowing them to be guided through the funnel on their own terms. Versus, outbound marketing which is more business focused—attracting customers through product or service based advertising.

Therefore, regardless of either inbound or outbound based marketing, the main focus should be on the other types of marketing needed to fuel both inbound and outbound strategies and how they specifically and strategically suit your business’ needs. So outside of the two main types of marketing, let’s look at four other types of marketing, their individual benefits, statistics as to how other business are utilizing these marketing strategies and key tips to determine how each one is necessary for your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. Meaning that anything you and your team creates is considered content. Especially since 67% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions, content marketing is a necessary strategy to attract and educate your audience. For example, in-person events, webinars or webcasts, case studies, white papers and videos are the five important and tactics of content marketing that both attract and educate audiences about how your products or services can solve their pain points.

Furthermore, the following statistics are a few ways that marketers utilize content marketing for their business:

However, just because it’s your content, doesn’t mean you can create whatever you want. A key tip to understanding content marketing is understanding your audience. Content marketing is a way to tell your brand's story to the people who matter most, your current and potential customers. Therefore, why waste time creating a white paper if your audience wants more video based content.

Focus on the core problem that your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem.”Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist at HubSpot

Ultimately, put yourself into the reader's shoes and define their common questions, pain points, and preferred means of consuming content. And after defining how to solve their pain points, decide on what is the best tactic that your audience finds attractive.

Spending energy to understand the audience and carefully crafting a message that resonates with them means making a commitment of time and discipline to the process.Nancy Duarte, President & CEO, Duarte Design

Therefore, whether it’s video, infographics or eBooks, attract and wow your audience to your brand through content marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a more intimate way of getting to know your leads’ pain points in order to effectively solve them with your products or services. The general idea behind email marketing is to enhance the relationship you have with your leads, get more repeat business, and boost customer loyalty.

Therefore, check out the following statistics as to how email marketing is being utilized by other businesses:

On any given day, the average business person receives 91 emails, according to a report by The Radicati Group. And with so much noise in people’s inboxes, effective email marketing cuts through the noise—standing out by sending relevant, solution based content that drives your audience through the funnel to the point of sales ready leads.

Remember, the key tip to email marketing is making your content more personalized and relevant to customers moves your email away from spam territory and towards fostering a deeper relationship with each of your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where it's at in today's world for spreading the news about your product, interacting with your customer and building a loyal fan base. Matter of fact, here are some key tips to understanding and creating a successful social media marketing strategy for your business:

  1. Don’t use every social media channel out there. You’re wasting your time and energy investing in every single, new and growing channel when you could be targeting the best channels that benefit your business. Therefore, choose and invest your time in your best social media channels by analyzing and determining which ones receive the most engagement. For example, if you receive high engagement from Twitter i.e., retweets and mentions and low engagement from Facebook i.e., minimal to nonexistent likes and shares on your posts, invest more energy and marketing efforts into Twitter than Facebook.
Get interactive with your audience by sharing your engaging content out there as well as building valuable and trusting relationships by using social media in your marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

Though video marketing is still fairly new to the marketing landscape, it is definitely shaking up the way people create and distribute their content. The following is just a glimpse into how other marketers are using video in their marketing strategy:

Overall, marketing is about understanding, developing, distributing, testing, adjusting, and redistributing.  And ultimately, marketing is about experimentation—finding the right mix types of marketing tactics in order to define a marketing strategy right for your business.

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