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Most if not everyone has heard of marketing automation, drip marketing, lead nurturing, or some form of customer experience automation for marketing and sales. After all, the adoption of marketing automation is expected to increase by 50% by 2015.

The short-comings of marketing automation without proper implementation can gravely impact the success of a brand. The biggest downfall of marketing automation is the process and planning that is needed to get off the ground successfully. Most businesses are looking for a quick fix to sales performance by throwing money at a marketing automation platform. What they don’t realize is there is an integration period needed, a cultural shift, a new way of thinking.

Without the proper integration, defined objectives and goals, a productive process, or a big enough team to manage the whole project it can be hard to get your machine up and running successfully. In theory, marketing automation is essentially a no-brainer, but all too often we see companies with not enough leads to market to due to lack of sales and marketing alignment. Hiring a marketing automation company to help get your brand on track in the world of digital automation may have a bigger impact on performance than you think.

Hiring a marketing automation company, or partner agency when you are first onboard the new software may be your best bet to extract the maximum ROI. If you are currently using marketing automation, or are struggling to use automation software but are struggling you can still reach out for assistance. Often times agencies will provide workshops, onboarding packages, and other customized service packages to fit your brand and needs. Our job as a marketing agency is to make you look good, to help ease into the process and understand it in completely transparent manner.

Understand that time matters for digital marketing performance.

All businesses want the strongest leads possible. After all, the stronger your leads, the more conversions you have, and the better your bottom line. While you cannot exactly create strong leads from thin air, there are some things you can do to grow stronger sales leads over time. (LeadLeasion)

Just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it has to be.

Sending generic emails about your products and services to mass mailing lists generally yields lower results than using targeted email marketing – yet many companies still struggle with how they can move past these email batch blasts to a more effective, targeted approach. (SharpSpring)

Overuse is just as negatively impactful as a lack of strategy.

A company can draw out the onboarding process due to the overwhelming power of their software. This happens when a corporation purchases a software or marketing automation platform without knowing the commitment necessary to implement a successful automated marketing mix. It can also be a result of poor planning or misunderstanding of the needs of the business.

Often new adoptees will get lost in the semantics of the platform opposed to focusing on the here-and-now. This happens because these principles come packaged with great promises of significant marketing performance improvement with an automated system. Sounds easy, right? Not always. There are a series of onboarding and integration steps, processes both internal and external to be learned, and new strategies to be developed. No wonder businesses are not seeing the immediate results they have been promised. (DirectImages)

In short, marketing automation is a way to develop and automate marketing initiatives to ease the process of marketing and sales alignment. Automated Marketing tactics include email marketing, smart content, goal focused campaigns that should be focused on needs, interests, and behaviors of your customers, leads, and contacts. The automation portion should find your brand in a way that helps improve user experience and adds value to the recipient or website visitor. All of the behind the scenes automation should help connect leads to your brand in a manner that helps them convert.

HubSpot to better user experience, brand recognition, marketing process and track progress for business across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. You can read more about the benefits of HubSpot and marketing automation here.

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