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No matter which way you slice the pie, marketing automation is a holistic approach to digital marketing and building an online presence. Marketing automation allows for you to grab hold of your online presence and begin to spread the value your brand offers, in a way that will resonate better with your audience and potential customers. This form of marketing via automation is not a shortcut and it can be thought of as a way to better your communication with your audience. A lot of the time, brands get caught up in the ability to spread news like wildfire and overstep their boundaries within their audience's inbox. Think of it this way, your online presence is a direct reflection of the fluidity and agility of your marketing efforts—not the quantity.

Marketing automation and email marketing contribute to a wide variety of marketing successes for businesses across the globe. Marketing's most forward-leaning thought leaders weigh in on their tips and tricks to better your creative marketing ability with an effective automation strategy.

Draw lines.

One of the main challenges we’ve seen businesses face when integrating CMS and Marketing Automation software surrounds divisions of ownership: which system handles which part of the revenue generating process. Make a clear distinction between the goals of your CMS and your Marketing Automation Software, and let those goals guide which system handles your landing pages, your forms, etc. (Business2Community)

Measure to Inform Action.

It is important to choose KPIs that will translate into actionable recommendations. If you haphazardly select metrics that only demonstrate that you are tracking analytics, your result will be a data overload. (MamboMedia)

Create Process Visualizations.

Outside of your cubicle, could anyone else understand what you have done? If you decide to leave on vacation or move to another firm, your current firm will be terribly confused. But what is worse is if you can’t remember your own work and reasons for building the system a certain way.

Top administrators create detailed diagrams, which help relay the big picture to your entire organization quickly and efficiently.  Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a process chart is worth a two hour meeting. Charts help you discuss suggested improvements and receive faster approval.

Take time to map out existing processes, workflows, teams, and your desired end state. Marketing automation can be a catalyst for change, but successful change requires careful planning.

From a simple whiteboard exercise to Visio to LucidChart, I use them all. (HeinzMarketing)

Know segmentation or targeting.

Even the most rudimentary marketing automation tool allows you to segment your audience in some way. Failing to do this is like sending the same birthday card to your boyfriend and your grandmother - probably a big mistake.

Avoid sending everything to everyone. To make communication as impactful as possible, take the time to segment your audience based on their interests, behaviors and other relevant factors. (Entrepreneur)

Know What Else You Can Do.

Nurturing emails aren’t the only thing you can do with a workflow, although that’s what people generally think of first. Some of your internal marketing processes can be as well. For example, sorting through your contacts based on specific criteria to filter out fake people (e.g., someone with the first name “asdf”), bad phone numbers (999-9999), people who are lookie-loos or non-leads (e.g., occupation: student).

In addition, you could set workflows to pass along important lead details to sales reps. For example, when a lead has spent a lot of time on your pricing page and fills out a form for a consultation that same day.

While it can feel daunting when started with workflows, a little planning and preparation go a long way toward making the process easier. Start small and as your confidence using them rises, you’ll become a workflow machine. (Weidert)

Resources Are Key.

Has anyone ever told you that networking is important? Once you’re in the world of marketing automation, it’s more important than ever to make connections, join user groups and attend webinars. Remember, you aren’t the only one who has had to struggled to make sense of why something isn’t working or trying to figure out how to make the impossible, possible. There are thousands of people that are part of the community that are willing to assist and lend a hand when you’ve tried everything and still can’t figure it out.

Look to user groups as an essential resource – and they are across the globe and free. To find a user group near you, just check out the various communities via the provider sites or even LinkedIn groups. Groups typically meet each quarter and focus on a different topic each meeting. This is a great way to meet experts in your field that could lend a hand when needed. Last but not least, attend product webinars through the community too — these are one of the best things you could do whether you are a beginner or an expert. As a Marketo specialist, I know Marketo makes sure to appeal to all types of users from beginner to expert to show the latest releases as well as product demos. There is always a Q&A at the end for questions making the webinars even more valuable with real-time answers to your questions. (Annuitas)


In the marketing automation age, targeting is no longer a simple matter of demographics. Successful automation combines online behaviors with known information to create a complete picture of:

·       A person’s roles and responsibilities.

·       Specific business pains that need resolution.

·       Their position in the buying process.

·       Any previous interactions with your brand.


This information then helps marketers to craft highly effective messages tailored to the user, increasing the chances of a successful conversion. (B2BMarketing)


“Personalised email improves marketing campaign effectiveness by 32%.”

Circle Research – B2B Email Marketing Trends

Marketing automation, as you can see, is about painting a clear picture of your brand to your audience or ideal customer. Success with marketing automation comes when you can achieve clarity in process, projects, and goals. Automation tools are meant to aid in your company's marketing success and not take away from them. Be sure you know and understand the landscape of your marketing efforts, your customers’ needs, and the story you are trying to communicate prior to jumping into the fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world of marketing automation.

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