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The key to thought leadership is telling your story with a sense of sharp expertise that attracts readers to your brand. The process of convincing new customers that your brand is right for them revolves around building trust and loyalty through marketing content management / thought leadership. Your role as a thought leader is to attract, convert, close, and delight.


Understanding Your Audience

In order to attract people with your content, you need to first carve out a niche, which usually begins with market research. Then you need to decide on a feeling you can create through content that will resonate with people who already have curiosity and interest in your niche. From there you can guide them through a funnel that provides solutions that meet their needs.

Ask yourself what is the reader's emotional state and what message are you trying to communicate? Think of ways you can put the reader in your writing so that they can envision scenarios using your brand. The more you can capture a reader's imagination with such scenarios, the more you will be building brand awareness, which will allow you to showcase solutions to customer concerns.

It's important to find the most relevant keywords that connect what you are marketing with readers so that you can build content based on those keywords. You will also need to think about what it will take to attract further reading. By answering people's questions through your blogs, articles or newsletters, you will establish yourself as an authority with both readers and search engines, which will send you even more followers that you can direct toward your social media pages. 

"Buyer personas are very beneficial for sales and marketing alignment. There are many hands in the sales cycle from both your company and the buyer’s journey side of the decision-making process. Providing the proper information at the opportune time is imperative in today's self-educated consumer decision process." (DirectImages)

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Constructing Your Content Strategy

Everything you write should be tied to a goal that relates to marketing content management and thought leadership. Your focus should be on clarity, brevity, and utility so that followers can easily latch on to your message and share it with others. The length of your content will be determined by the type of content you create. One of the best ways to convey thought leadership is through transcribed video interviews. 

Keep in mind that search engines such as Google have their own criteria for evaluating marketing content management / thought leadership, which will likely have a profound influence on how you craft your content. In order to be viewed as a niche authority by Google, you will need to create comprehensive quality content that is completely unique from any competing website. 

Once you determine the nature of why you are writing and what you are writing about, you can expand on the theme to lead the reader toward your marketing goals. Some of the most essential reasons for crafting web content are to build brand awareness, answer specific questions, educate users, provide interactivity, and respond to user inquiries as quickly as possible. 

If you are having difficulty determining where to start, or how to get your content markting strategy up and reunning check out these articles that will help you decide a proper course of action.

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Content Marketing Tips

  • Be straightforward and informative 
  • Answer audience questions in a personalized manner
  • Utilize industry research and references
  • Provide valuable information and resources that followers can use
  • Review competitor sites to make sure your content is more authoritative 

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Offering New Opportunities

Thought leaders who operate as marketers need to focus on opportunities that increase leads for sales teams. One of the most effective ways to learn about enhancing these opportunities is to talk with sales people to gain data on why customers initially approach them, why some customers return and others disappear. Ultimately, marketers and sales teams need to integrate and collaborate to analyze and maximize lead generation. 

The more thought leaders learn where leads come from, the more they can focus on the type of information that prospects are looking for. These days, many consumers begin their search for products on the internet. They look for businesses they can trust—which is crystallized through clear thought leadership. If you provide people with useful information and demonstrate your expertise, you are on the path to building long-term relationships that will help cut customer acquisition costs and maximize return on investment. 

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Utilizing Customer Tools

It's very helpful to use marketing software or a more robust Customer Relationship Management platform to connect sales, marketing, and customer data. These platforms can track leads and point to where they came from, as well as offer a wealth of analytics about prospects and customers. Automated alerts on leads can help you respond to consumer needs quickly. But as much as this technology speeds up productivity, successful marketing still comes down to effective communication with customers to get those conversions. 

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You will improve your marketing content management and thought leadership skills by engaging directly with leads through various marketing channels such as email and social media. After you convince prospects to convert to customers, your job is to delight them further to inspire repeat business and referrals.

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