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As the process of building a website evolves and more technology becomes available, so does the importance of keeping up with the functionality of a modern website. For most, the style or creativity within the way a company presents their website, content, and product information heavily influences the way in which visitors interact with the brand.

Style isn’t everything when it comes to having a modern website. Oftentimes, the elements you provide on your website will make or break the user experience. If you are looking to provide clarity, insight, product information, and a look into your brand’s culture, you have to choose your modern web design elements wisely.

In honor of the “less is more” adage, it is important to understand the value of a well-planned and properly developed modern website design.

Today's CMS (content management system) based website is now appearing more minimalistic, partly due to WordPress templates and other easy-to-manage solutions. Relevant content is king, while graphics in some cases have been relegated to flat art, leaving room for a new wave of art direction.

The website today focuses on two components:

  1. UX - The user experience is the foundation of any website's success.

  2. Mobile Technology - Websites need to be responsive.

Read more about modern webpage design here.

Because marketers and business owners alike are reliant on how Google and other search engines index the content they produce it is important to know and understand how they read your website. A strong, well planned SEO strategy is imperative to the success of your business website.

"It is also important to understand the difference between information architecture and technical architecture.

Information architecture relates to the labeling of website content to support usability and I will talk more about this in the Content and SEO sections of this post.

Technical architecture relates to more SEO related labeling such as crawlabilty, indexation, canonicalization, and robots exclusion.”

Search Engine Watch does an exceptional job expounding on the importance of usability to successful modern web design.

It is no secret that video is ruling the digital world right now. Strategically placing video throughout the content on your website will dramatically increase the ease with which you communicate with your website visitors. It can allow you to quickly and clearly communicate marketing messages, product demos, interviews, and reviews in a way that is informative and bite-sized. Time is money. Leverage video as your modern website design inspiration.

According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of B2B customers watch online video, and 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business. Therefore, B2B companies need to create videos that explain their products because it is influential in the buyer's decision-making process. (HubSpot)

When you are looking to develop a modern website that will capture and captivate an audience, you have to understand that audience. To get the most out of a business website, you should make sure it is sales-ready. With the recent breakthroughs in collaboration of marketing, sales, and advertising, it is now more important than ever for your website to be the hardest working employee on your payroll.

To see the results you are looking for, you should think about the following elements of an inbound website.

"Inbound Website - If you don’t know this term by now, you will certainly be seeing this a lot moving forward. This is the now and the future of marketing:

  • Calls To Action (CTA’s): Drive traffic to your lead generating landing pages.

  • Landing page & forms: Every campaign you run should be tied to a custom-landing page. Not just another homepage where visitors have to guess where to go next. Forms will gather appropriate information at every stage to unlock the next offer.

  • Personalization: People are more than anonymous page views. Smart content is a feature that enables you to personalize your content to different visitors.

  • Integration with marketing channels:Every marketing tool from content tools, social media, marketing automation and analytics are all deeply cooperative and connected to a marketer’s contact database. This allows for a complete history of your leads interests and interactions, enabling personalization throughout your marketing.” (DirectImages)

Mind Scape Solutions dives this message home with their What Makes a Modern Website blog post:

"The web no longer lives inside that box on your desk. It's literally everywhere. We don't design for your desktop computer. We design for the Internet. That means your phone, your tablet, your television, your computer, etc.

Responsive design is the practice of creating device-independent sites. These are sites that are optimized for all devices and adapt to provide the best user experience on each of them.

For example, this site will look different depending on the type of device you're viewing it on. Go ahead, give it a try from your phone and desktop or vice versa.” (MindScapeSolutions)


The ambiguity that is running amok in the digital world is a reaction to the millennials and demand generation's need for perfection—the perfect user experience. Don’t get weighed down by all of the options available. Rather, take a good look at your customer base, your potential customers, and they way they engage and interact with your website.

Decide what is best for them and run with it. Keeping up with the latest modern web design trends may be keeping you down. Remember, it is not a good idea to fix things that are not broken, but you really have to have an understanding of what that means for your website visitors, not the trendsetting general public.

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