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Here’s our top video blogs of all time and why we feel they work...

It’s rewarding to see that what we have blogged about is helping people.  That feeling is what makes a successful blog. If that isn’t your primary focus and drive, then don’t expect your blogging services to be successful.  I was excited to see my blog How To Determine Professional Video Editing Costs hit 10,000 views and am ecstatic now that it is closing in on 25,000 views. 

This blog set out with a goal: to help people determine how to budget video editing costs. The origin of the blog was the creation of something that I would have sought out myself to help with our video editing services.  Right away that established a need and a reward for people like me.  

Part of budgeting a video production is to know what the cost of video editing might be.  I really wanted to know what was a reasonable video editing ratio; in other words, how much video editing time would it take to complete a video.  What I determined was that there was a formula you could used based on the ratio of source video shot to editing time required. Using that as my foundation, I  further determined what other factors would be involved and voila!  Solving this problem helps other people like me.

Likewise in my follow-up blog How to Determine Marketing Video Production Costs it was clear that identification and organization of video production line items would help people answer the question:  how much does video production cost?  Just simply creating a video production checklist helps in that it can quickly remind you which items to remember not to forget!

For the blog The Top Ten Best Practices for Corporate Video Production I couldn’t resist doing the numbered list bit. Apparently us humans have to click a numbered list of some kind every now and then.  We just have to know if we agree with the list or if we are missing out on something. In fact though, as I was preparing this video production best practices list, it was helping me with my own goals.

So there you have it.  Sharing and educating goes a long way.  I hope your blogging, video production and video editing ventures are successful.

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Video Production Budget Checklist


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