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It’s been over 10 years since social media first graced the world with its presence. Marketers and business owners alike have battled long and hard to develop social media insights to better navigate the world of social engagement.

Building community, extending organic reach, creating a holistic brand, scheduling, time management—all of these are issues at the top of social media marketers’ minds. These top challenges in the realm of social media are explored in today’s edition of The Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Social Media.

Our first tip comes from Neil Patel, who recommends expanding organic reach via social media.

"Optimizing your organic reach isn’t rocket science. By using Facebook to analyze your fans, you can gain insights to grow your reach.

For example, through Facebook Insights, I found that the majority of my fans visit my nutrition page at 1 p.m. For that reason, you’ll see most of the updates taking place around 1 p.m."

Neil Patel @neilpatel

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Jordan Kretchmer elaborates on the importance of developing a holistic approach, which can benefit brands in a huge way. Creating brand fluidity and brand awareness is important when you are trying to build an engaged social community.

"Social media is now officially a decade old. The industry is maturing, and marketing strategies need to evolve with it.

Social media marketing no longer lives exclusively on social media. It needs to exist everywhere a consumer is interacting with your brand, whether on your website, in store, or in your advertising campaigns.

In 2015, it's important to start thinking holistically about your social engagement strategy. Social networks were just the beginning."

Twitter: @jkretch
Linkedin: Jordan Kretchmer

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Building a brand on a single social platform can be a bit of a process. There are many steps to creating and distributing content to the right audience at the right time. And let’s not forget about the necessary extra media like marketing videos and interactive banners. These factors, along with a modern website (and the time commitment to maintain it) have a huge impact on the performance of the content you are distributing to these social platforms.

It’s easy to see how social media timing and distribution can become overwhelming and something you could spend hours maintaining. Chalene Johnson has great advice on time management and social media.

"There is a way to be on social media and not become a slave to it. You see, I don’t believe that you should be spending your ENTIRE life in social media or that your social media should be controlling your life."

She continues with this excellent bit of content-posting advice.

"I think if you’re going to be on social media, it should be to be a value to other people. Share a recipe, teach people something that you’ve had to struggle with a figure out and you’ve got the short cut."

Chalene Johnson

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There’s a big difference between the manner in which individuals find you on social media, and how your content is viewed by Google. Content that is hosted directly from your personal or company website is favored by Google but not seen by social networks. Jay Baer explores the importance of hosting social communities in a local fashion. This helps in many ways to maintain and grow your social community. Let's see how:

"The advantages of an owned social community are numerous, including enhanced loyalty, direct sales, and business intelligence and market research. Further, because the “content” in these owned channels are typically created (or at least co-created) by the participating customers/fans themselves, the cost to operate an owned social community can be quite reasonable compared to trying to pull the same brand levers in a leased community."

You can read more from this article here.

Although social media has only been around for about 10 years, it has already made an impact that will last a lifetime. Explore the myriad social engagement and social community building options for yourself. Know and understand that each of the “social actions” you take (even if they seem small) will have a big impact on your social performance and overall brand engagement. Your process and content have a direct effect on whether the impact is positive or negative. For more tips on social media marketing check out these blogs:

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