Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: The Benefits of Website Planning with HubSpot Integration

monday-mashup-hubspot-integrations_1000x576.jpgContemplate for a moment the following scenarios:

You've just launched your website, but your visitors aren't staying on your site long enough, increasing your bounce rate.

You've had your website for a while, but traffic is minimal if not almost non-existent.

Your visitors are finding that your website is not user or mobile friendly.

Your website is getting lost among your competitors.

If you resonated with any of the above scenarios, then it's time for a website redesign. A website redesign is a conducive way to make sure your brand identity is consistent and up to date. It also provides insight into your website's functionality and performance that suits your company's goals and ultimately to serve and generate your visitors, leads and customers. However, what should you consider when starting your website redesign process?

Planning your website redesign is a great way to layout your company’s goals and how your website's functionality and interactivity will accomplish them. And if those goals include minimizing your website's bounce rate by creating quality content that will retain and add value to your visitors or boosting your website's engagement by making it mobile friendly, then you're looking for an all inclusive website planning process that incorporates the inbound marketing methodology.

With inbound website planning, inbound marketing and website design function together in a harmonious relationship. Inbound marketing feels and looks good through website design. And inbound marketing turns your website into a lead generating force in your industry. With this in mind, let's break down the benefits of inbound website planning that will impact your next website redesign.

Benefit #1 - Your Visitors Will Thank You

When you plan your website design with inbound, your buyer personas, your ideal customers, become your top priority. When a visitor comes to your site, their main objective is most likely not to buy from you right away. The goal of your site is to find ways to cultivate a great user experience that will allow your visitors to build trust with your brand. And if your site does this effectively, they will thank you not only by increasing your site traffic but those visitors can be nurtured to become sales-ready leads.

Benefit #2 - You're Creating Content That Matters

Since you already have your buyer personas in mind, create content that addresses the various stages of the buying process. Because with the buyer as the focus, you are constructing your website and your content to address their pain points, provide them with solutions to those pain points and ultimately provide them with the ultimate solution to solve their problems — your products and services.

So execute a content assessment for your site. For example, what is your content saying right now? Does it address your visitors at every stage of the buyer's journey? Can you salvage past content that will address the various stages? Does your company's website have a blog? And if so, what blog posts are performing the best and producing the most traffic and engagement?

By performing this assessment, you are updating your brand identity, addressing your personas' needs that will engage and retain your visitors, decrease your site's bounce rate, and increase your site's traffic and engagement.

Benefit #3 - Constructing Your Website Is Easy

It may sound farfetched but planning your website with inbound saves you a lot of hassle when it comes time to construct your website. You already have your buyer personas with engaging content ready. So planning your website with these two things in mind makes constructing the site that much simpler. However, during the planning process, you will have to consider what functionality will be included onto your website.

With HubSpot, you are provided an all in one system that will magnetize your website to your ideal audience. And with HubSpot integrations, their integrations can enhance your company in every stage of the inbound methodology. For example, in the Attract stage, you can integrate a company blog in order to post consistent, relevant content that will convert strangers into frequent visitors. Or in the Convert stage, you can take those visitors and excite them with your CTA, a call-to-action, over to a featured product that is on sale in your store on Shopify, an all-in-one solution to selling your products online. In the Close stage, you can use Zapier, which is a software that allow apps to talk with one another, to help, for example, convert your Paypal customers’ emails over into a Mailchimp email list.  And finally in the Delight Stage, you can use SurveyMonkey to gain relevant data from your customers on their overall user and buyer experience.

If you need more proof on how HubSpot Integration will positively benefit your inbound website planning, see how Guavabox + DoInbound used HubSpot Integration to increase their efficiency. And coming from, Andrew Dymski, the Co-Founder of Guavabox + DoInbound, "thanks to Zapier's sync between HubSpot and Base CRM, we've cut our lead review time by over 400%. Now we're able to spend our limited resources in areas that matter, like actually talking to prospects!"

So while you contemplate your next website redesign, consider incorporating an inbound website planning strategy that engages your visitors, increases your traffic and engagement, and that will provide a simpler approach to constructing your website especially through a content management and optimization system like HubSpot.


As always Direct Images Interactive is here to make you look good. As a HubSpot Certified Partner, we are here to help. So if you need help getting integrated onto the HubSpot platform, please feel free to reach out to one of our HubSpot Specialists.

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