Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: The Power of Social Listening

monday-mashup-power-social-listening_1000x576As marketers or business owners, it’s imperative that you understand the importance of social media success to the success of your business. Simply having a presence on social media is no longer enough to cut it in the world of online marketing. Community engagement, interactions, lead generation, and brand awareness, all hinge on the success of your social media marketing performance.

But how does one improve their social media performance if they are posting, interacting, and engaging with their social following already? What makes a good social media strategy miss the mark of a great social media strategy? The answer is simple. Social listening.

In short, most companies today have a reasonably deep appreciation for the value of social data. Companies now have the basic technologies and capabilities in place to be able to get a sufficiently good read on what consumers are saying about not only their products and services, but their brand in general.They can use social data to determine whether a new marketing campaign is resonating with the target audience and how to better optimize their marketing spend across different channels and media. They can tell if a potential brand devaluation issue is brewing on the horizon, one that may require that they jump into action to minimize the damage. They can identify customers’ unmet wants and needs, hone in on new sales opportunities and pinpoint sources of customer dissatisfaction. (Gleanster)

Social listening has become one of the most used tactics in successful social media marketing. So what is social listening? What does social listening mean for your business?  

Social listening (or media monitoring, as some people like to call it) is about searching the web and the social space to see what’s being said about your company, your competitors, and other topics of interest. With a little time and creativity, you can go beyond just monitoring your brand and use social listening to enhance content marketing, business development, product management, human resources, and customer support. (Social Media Examiner)

In short, social listening makes it easier to ensure your community and readers are getting the information they want and need from your social media content strategy. Social listening allows you to collect valuable data and information about your community, website visitors, and current customers, all with little preparation and lots of observation. What does social listening look like in action?

Starbucks is a Twitter guru, responding to thousands of followers each day. They participate in long strings of playful banter and even tweet “Happy Birthday” to their followers. And, they don’t stop there. When consumers have a problem, Starbucks fixes it. Just last week, Starbucks reached out to The Spark Group’s amazing Client Service Associate, Julianne Broderick, when she tweeted that she was dissatisfied with their Bistro Box. (The Sparks Group)


As you can see, social monitoring can assist in many ways to better your social media marketing efforts. Most importantly, social listening puts you in the shoes of your customer, and allows you to understand their needs, wants, and pain points so you can better deliver the answers and content for which they are engaged. To learn more about social listening download the Social Prospecting Workbook: How to Use Social Media to Find New Leads.


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