Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Inbound Marketing Formula

monday-mashup-inbound-marketing_1000x576Traditional marketing served its purpose well, but inbound marketing has not only changed the concept of traditional marketing, it has also created the need for high-quality content that only inbound marketing can pacify. With an emphasis on the importance of content relevancy and consumer-to-business relationship, a solid, responsive website design coupled with a successful inbound marketing strategy has become the ultimate necessity.

HTML5 and inbound marketing were established with the millennial generation in mind, and their focus on content as a value-added service is one of the most significant effects the Internet has had on traditional marketing.

The ability to create a community, a resource, or a campaign completely designed around the primary buyer persona has given consumers the ability to make educated consumption choices.

Outbound is a world of jargon where the loudest and most obnoxious are rewarded. Back in the day, clever was rewarded, but due to the escalating costs and increased competition to reach dwindling audiences, marketers have had to dumb things down to the lowest common denominator to maximize their conversions. So we are left with advertisements that use fluorescent pink, bold print, BIG discounts, exploited women and puppy dogs. How dumb do they think we are? No wonder a paradigm shift in advertising had to take place. (VTLDesign)

As marketers, we often forget how big an impact small changes in our communications have on our prospects, customers and other people. Just as my smile brightened a stranger’s day, so too can your communications make your business shine. (HeidiCohen)

Screen_Shot_2015-08-30_at_6.44.46_PMChances are, you might be passing up a few key elements that could assist in driving highly qualified traffic to your business blog and company website. To ensure your efforts are not tossing lead generation opportunities aside, we have compiled a list of reminders for you to use in your next successful inbound marketing campaign strategy development process.” (DirectImages)

Getting the inbound formula down to a science for your organization will be a process, but the benefits are plentiful. Direct Images Interactive  released an infographic showing the new and more beneficial methods of inbound marketing. Let’s take a look:


The bottom line of successful business marketing is about engagement, community, and thought leadership. Your content should complement your audience’s preferences - speak to them in a way that addresses their concerns, and deliver content via their preferred channel of communication and on their optimal timeline. A useful way to be sure you are creating the right content is to find out if your content satisfies the needs of your audience - customers, leads, and all others who come into digital contact with your brand.

Also, consider your audience members that have a parallel life to the services or products related to the content you are creating. Always keep details like this at the forefront of your content creation.


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