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Great visual storytelling may take a village, but when you have the right tools to produce the story, it becomes more of a habitual process than a daunting task. Understanding who you are talking to is crucial in developing the brand position, a story of interest for your content community, and community engagement.

Often marketers and business owners get caught up in the hustle of promoting themselves and making a dime instead of focusing on buyers’ needs. When you relegate time to developing a content strategy, and specifically buyer persona development, it allows for better understanding. This understanding provides more benefits and practicality for your readership. You may be wondering how this relates to return on investment and revenue generation.

Once you see  the value and uses of detailed buyer information in action, you will begin to understand and master the development of successful personas for your business.

It is quite simple. Understanding your target audience and buyer personas will provide a canvas of sorts to paint the informational content picture. This picture will be more likely to not only suit your readership and target audience, but set you apart from the competition as a go-to information source.

In a recent blog highlighting the Inbound Marketing Best Practices for Small Business, the importance of developing a definitive buyer persona development process is discussed:

"A buyer persona is a tool used internally to help inform and guide the content creation process. This document contains information about typical buyers for your company and should be used as a living document, always updated and constantly changing. Because more and more consumer decisions are happening prior to the first touch from anyone within a particular company, it is imperative to understand what is going on in the decision process prior to that crucial first contact. These buyer personas will become very useful in a multifaceted way, so take your time and understand the different levels of consumers within your brand's community.”
(Read more here

So, what are some of the ways to develop buyer personas?

It is important to note that the buyer persona development process should include profile information extracted from your past and present customers. The customers you should conduct an interview with should be centered around your current products or service offerings, how they fit into the lives of each persona and how they fit throughout their buyers journey. If they are current customers, you can entertain a conversation about what could be more efficient and so on.

This direct-from-the-source approach is a true imperative in the development process and is most important for accurate identification of each persona's particular objectives, obstacles, and orientations.

Identifying Objectives

  • When they purchase products
  • How they purchase products
  • Do they tend to educate themselves on a product or service prior to purchase
  • How they make buying decisions
  • How they research their purchases

Identifying Obstacles

  • What are their pain points
  • What are they trying to accomplish with their purchase
  • Who is involved in their purchasing process

Identifying Orientation

  • Do they give the final say in the purchasing process
  • How long have they worked at the company (B2B)
  • What is their authority in purchasing decisions
  • Where do they research their decision
  • Who plays a role in the influencing decision
  • How do they prefer their content

Buyer personas are very beneficial for sales and marketing alignment. There are many hands in the sales cycle from both your company and the buyer’s journey side of the decision-making process. Providing the proper information at the opportune time is imperative in today's self-educated consumer decision process.

These documents, when developed and manicured, can be a very useful tool in discovering how you can provide better products and services.

High-impact content means a clearer understanding of  the consumer’s pain points and current state of need as it relates to your industry and how your brand plays a role in the lives of its content community. This understanding is key to creating a trusting, lasting relationship and is conducive to in sales, customer lifetime value, and the overall scalability of your business.

Dive in and get to know your buyer personas. Develop a winning strategy to know and understand them to the best of your ability. Reassure the content community of your industry expertise and establish brand awareness with properly developed buyer personas backed by in-depth, timely research.

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