Tips for Launching Your Inbound Video Marketing Strategy


You’ve heard how your business needs an online video presence. Now the ball is in your court to launch an inbound video marketing campaign as well as oversee the entire video strategy for your company. Here are some tips for launching your inbound video marketing strategy:

Who is your ideal customer?
Keep in mind that video is content. It has its own sizzle, but it should be part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. The same rules apply to video as they do to your blog or other content. Know your buyer persona.

Why this video?
Do you want to build an audience, increase organic visits, announce a new product or service? Start thinking about what happens after someone has watched your video. What do you want them to do?

What is the video about?
Closing a sale immediately is nice, but what are your odds for that? You should consider converting visitors to a lead, so that a first-time visitor gets the information they need without being hammered for a sale right out the gate.  Consider the buyer’s journey. Where is your website visitor in the marketing / sales cycle? New visitors to your site should have different content presented than those that have been in the lifecycle for a while.

How do you convert a video viewer into a lead?
Give the people what they want! Why did they come to you in the first place? Most likely they are seeking a solution to a problem they are having or they are tyying to get a goal accomplished. Give them a helping hand with a white paper or eBook. Make sure it is valuable enough so that your ideal customer would want to download it.

How long should your video be?
The ideal length for a marketing video again depends on where they viewer is in the lifecycle. For first time visitors, keep your video under 3 minutes. If possible, try to reach an ideal length of 90 seconds. For converted leads that are nearing the end of the sales cycle, longer form video or even a webinar is beneficial.

How many videos do you need and how often should you present them?
Will this be a one hit wonder? If so, why? Will the video be part of a video series? If so, what is the purpose for the series and what will be covered in the series?

How often should your videos be released?
The good old days of the annual report style video still makes sense for a few publicly held companies, but is it right for your company? Maybe not. If what you are trying to do is keep a steady flow of organic traffic coming to your site to be exposed to your thought leadership and the solutions your company offers, a more consistent flow of videos should be released. You should be releasing several blogs per week. Have you considered releasing more than a video or two per quarter?

Where should you release your video?
The default answer is not necessarily YouTube! Consider that people search in two ways. They want to learn by watching a video specifically or they want to learn by being exposed to content whether it be video or otherwise. If you know the viewer wants to specifically watch a video, then YouTube is a good way to go. It’s amazing to realize that the top two search engines are # 1 Google and #2 YouTube. YouTube is particularly good for “How to” videos, racking up an astounding number of searches in this area. Many people, however, aren’t looking to search specifically for a video. They may not even know or realize that a video is the best way for them to get the answers to the questions they seek. For these searches, inbound video on your website is a good way to go. You can tailor the intros and outros to your videos to have different calls to action according to where they are placed.

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