Tips for Your Next Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign


Are you utilizing the most efficient content distribution methods for your inbound marketing campaign strategy?

Chances are, you might be passing up a few key elements that could assist in driving highly qualified traffic to your business blog and company website. To ensure your efforts are not tossing lead generation opportunities aside, we have compiled a list of reminders for you to use in your next successful inbound marketing campaign strategy development process.

Campaign audience identification. Who are you talking to in this campaign?

Understand your buyer persona before launching into a campaign, so you can target the content marketing strategy correctly.

Create a set of SMART marketing goals that will best help this campaign achieve the overall goals of the business. For example: Generate qualified buyer persona-specific leads according to the sales goals set for a particular campaign time period.

Use creative, eye-catching, educational, Brand and Buyer Persona-aligned content. Include interactive website design.

Use these contact generating landing pages to gather lead information and convert them into contacts. In order to generate the biggest return on investment, be sure your Landing Page content optimization is at the forefront of development. An optimized landing page can make a game-changing difference in your marketing performance.

Use a company blog, or media publication section on your website to help generate organic qualified leads. Be sure to utilize this real estate to advertise your campaigns.

Generate more traffic to your business blog by sharing your campaign-attached blog posts on your social platforms. Be sure you are addressing each community individually. Not all social platforms behave in the same manner. Refer to your Buyer Persona Workbook to review content consumption habits of your target buyer persona. This will ensure you are delivering the right information, to the proper recipient, at the proper time. Crucial!

Be sure you have incorporated the proper keyword strategy throughout the campaign to include social media posts, blog posts, and any video you may have integrated into the campaign content. Using long-tail keywords is your best bet to boost organic traffic to your website, thus increasing qualified leads. Don’t skip this step, it could be detrimental to the overall success of your inbound marketing campaign.

Always be on top of your marketing analytics game. Prior to launching your campaign you should have a pre-developed campaign tracking worksheet to ensure you are tracking all of the necessary metrics. This will ensure you are maximizing marketing efficiency and clarity within the campaign you are launching.

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