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Like most businesses, you’ve probably adopted content marketing as a part of your marketing strategy. When correctly executed, content marketing works better than almost any other marketing method. Effective content marketing management requires planning, time, effort, and consistency in order to drive traffic, and increase conversions and sales.

The key to success is developing a content marketing management plan that can help you organize creation and delivery of your content on a consistent basis. Thankfully technology has come to the rescue! There are a number of free and low-cost, easy-to-use content marketing management tools that can help you get organized.

These tools include both public and private calendars, as well as online and offline collaboration tools. Some even give users the ability to automate publishing and give guidance to let your team spend more time creating killer content and less time managing it.

Here are five great content marketing management tools for your business that are available online today.



CoSchedule is a tool that can help you with the development of your editorial calendar. A major part of your content marketing management is the creation and distribution of your editorial calendar. CoSchedule allows you to keep every team member in the loop when it comes to deadlines. It allows users to schedule blog posts as a team and help you work more productively by sending messages directly to your social networks.

Features include:

Allows you to drag-and-drop social media and blogs within the same calendar

Works with WordPress

Schedule your social media messages while working on your blog—simply hit publish and automatically push your content

Facilitates effortless and simple team communication and collaboration



You’re probably aware of Hootsuite and it’s social media management capabilities. Hootlet is a free tool that allows you to quickly share content online with your social networks from anywhere, at any time. Hootlet lets you post to multiple channels and networks with a single click to save time and extend your reach. You can schedule your posts or let the app do it for you. Hootlet also helps you to find targeted content through Google, Google Maps, and Yelp.



GatherContent allows you to plan, organize and collaborate while creating content all in one place without multiple Word documents or spreadsheets.

As a development platform, GatherContent lets you:

Organize and collate content

Prepare content for approval

Customize workflows

Allows you to invite unlimited users and reviewers



Shareist is a platform of tools that can help you to find, plan, and produce relevant content, schedule updates to your social media, and other platforms and republish content onto various platforms from a single source. It includes search tools for crawling the web and delivering relevant content to your inbox. It can customize an editorial calendar and schedule automatic delivery of content and then repeat or recycle posts on a schedule if you do not have a current update.

Key features include:

Editorial calendar

Content curation with direct posting to social media

Team collaboration for curating and creating content

Scheduling of content to social media profiles, pages, and groups

Publish to blogs and email, export whitepapers and ebooks


These are only a few of the content marketing management tools available to help you get your content marketing under control. These tools and many others can help you to organize content management and free up your time to efficiently create the content your users want! However, managing the research, creation and distribution of your content can be difficult. Often times we work with businesses that are looking to consolidate the tools they use while maintaining and growing their brand reach. If you would like more information about consolidating, maintaining, or marketing content management please feel free to request a consultation with one of our content specialist.  

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