FAQ Friday: The Difference between Marketing and Advertising Ideas

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 23, 2016

There seems to be a common misconception between marketing and advertising. That if you use one, you cannot use the other or rather the other may affect your audience in a negative way. In today’s FAQ Friday, explore the difference and convergence of marketing and advertising ideas through the lens of video.

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Building a Brand? Use These 3 Small Business Advertising Ideas

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 21, 2016

Building a brand takes hard work. From creating your brand’s tone and style to establishing a website with your products and services, each building block affects your brand’s overall message. Yet, in regards to advertising, creating effective ads is even harder these days—making it harder for you to cut through the noise of the big brands in order to find your audience.

Well, what if I said that just like LEGOS you can have fun building your brand while cutting through the noise all at the same time. In today’s In-Sites, we’re providing you with 3 small business advertising ideas to help you have fun as you build your brand from the ground up.

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Thought Hive: Marketing vs. Advertising — What Works to Build a Brand

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 19, 2016

Does brand recognition only come to companies with money to spare? Do you have to have your skin in the game to have a chance at cultivating brand awareness? Can you establish the brand recognition everyone wants but only few receive? Is your marketing budget, or lack of one, holding you back from success?

If these questions run through your brain all the time, you are not alone. Fighting the changing of times, technology, and trends is a constant struggle for most marketing managers and business owners. In today’s In-Sites, let’s discuss the feud between marketing and advertising and where their convergence is the most beneficial for building your brand.

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FAQ Friday: Your Questions about Advertising Content

Posted by Jessica Jones Jul 1, 2016

Are you uncomfortable asking for the sale? Are your products or services not performing the way you need them to? Are you in desperate need of finding effective ways to sell more? Look no further. In today’s blog, we’ll provide the answers to your questions about increasing your sales using your content to advertise your products or services.

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3 Video Marketing Tips that Create Innovative Advertising Ideas

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 30, 2016

With traditional forms of advertising becoming a thing of the past, finding innovative ways to advertise your business may seem like looking for the needle in the marketing haystack. However in today’s blog, let's get out of the muck of marketing mediocrity and into marketing innovation using these video marketing tips.

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The Ultimate Inside Scoop on Working with an Inbound Agency

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 28, 2016

The marketing landscape is always changing, and for those of you working in the industry, this comes as no surprise. However for individuals who are looking to get started with marketing but don’t know where to start, working with a full-service inbound marketing agency or HubSpot certified partner may be the best approach.

A full-service inbound marketing agency can help businesses in a number of ways. You can expect to find blogging services, search engine optimization, social media marketing and various forms of content marketing housed under one roof. In today’s blog, we’re giving you the ultimate inside scoop when working with a full serviced inbound agency—making you look good from the inside out.

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Thought Hive: How to Build a Brand with a Marketing Agency

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 27, 2016

Are you struggling to find time to build your brand and boost your business’ visibility?

You may have a website that showcases your products or services and other various content as well as connects visitors to your multiple social media accounts—using these platforms to engage with your current and prospective customers.

However, the hype around your brand still appears to be non-existent. Or maybe you or your marketing team have created great content, but it’s just not targeting or reaching your ideal audience to convert them into sales-ready leads—creating poor performance and unmet business’ goals.

Well these red flags and more may be the push you need toward building your brand with an inbound marketing agency—helping you to increase your lead generation, close more sales, extend your customer’s lifetime value and just overall nurturing awareness around your brand.

Finding the time to build your brand shouldn't be a chore. So let's explore four perks of working with an inbound marketing agency—allowing them to become your on-call brand building sidekick.


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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Advertising & Marketing Videos

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 13, 2016

In more ways than one might imagine, marketing and advertising underscore why inbound marketing has been a go-to method of marketing for years now. If you are looking into video as a marketing strategy, but need a bit more clarification, read on.

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FAQ Friday: Producing Marketing and Advertising Videos

Posted by Cydne Stewart Mar 11, 2016

Because video marketing allows you to connect with your customers by personalizing your marketing message and telling a compelling story. In this weeks FAQ Friday we will discuss frequently asked questions from the readers concerning marketing video production and how to leverage advertising videos to benefit your brand.


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How to Produce Winning Video for Marketing and Advertising

Posted by Cydne Stewart Mar 9, 2016

Video is becoming a top choice for marketing and advertising due to positive feedback the past few years from advertising agency experts. A recent survey by Strata found that over two-thirds of U.S. advertising agency professionals say video is now their top priority for clients. A majority of marketers are also saying online video has become just as or more effective than television commercials. Here are methods to consider for your marketing and advertising video production. 

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Tips for Your Next Marketing or Advertising Video Campaign

Posted by Cydne Stewart Mar 8, 2016

Video marketing allows you to connect with your customers by personalizing your marketing message and telling a compelling story. From the extremely bite-sized—yet effective—branded videos on sites like SnapChat—to longer form customer testimonials on YouTube—and round out the product descriptions on a website, video really is an open frontier for (trackable data) exploration. 

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Marketing & Advertising Videos

Posted by Cydne Stewart Mar 7, 2016

In more ways than one might imagine, marketing and advertising underscore why inbound marketing has been a go-to method of marketing for years now. If you are looking into video as a marketing strategy, but need a bit more clarification, read on.

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