FAQ Friday: Choosing the Right Keywords for Effective Keyword Planning

Posted by Jessica Jones Oct 7, 2016

Your keyword strategy is one of the most important tasks for your business, because it helps generate awareness to your brand all through the power of SEO. Learn how to create and choose the right keywords from your audience and how to transform it into an effective keyword list in today’s FAQ Friday.


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How Much Does HubSpot Cost: The Cost of the Inbound Methodology

Posted by Jessica Jones Oct 5, 2016

If you are in search of the truth behind the cost of inbound marketing and getting started with HubSpot, look no further. There are numerous ways the cost of inbound can analyzed, and many factors you should keep in mind when calculating your return on investment. Some of the variables include overall business goals, the time needed for HubSpot’s content marketing integration, and the amount of manpower required to create and distribute the content necessary to manage a successful brand using inbound marketing.

Although it may seem like a lot, the inbound marketing methodology—and the brands using it—are at the top of their marketing game. This is particularly the case when speaking to lead generation, return on investment, and brand recognition. Doesn’t that sound awesome? So, the real question may be: what will it cost your business if you are not using inbound marketing?

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Thought Hive: The Beginner's Overview to HubSpot's Inbound Methodology

Posted by Jessica Jones Oct 3, 2016

Inbound marketing is unlike traditional, outbound marketing. It’s all about bringing the customer to your brand by addressing their needs through the four necessary stages of the buyer’s journey, i.e., attract, convert, close, and delight. And if you’ve heard of inbound marketing, chances are you’ve heard about HubSpot.

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8 Measures of Effectiveness within a B2B Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 28, 2016

Email newsletters are great for keeping everyone on your email list up-to-date on the latest news and promotions. However, there is one catch. You want to make sure that you are creating effective email marketing campaigns that nurture and convert your leads into repeat customers. With that said, let’s explore three measures that your email marketing strategy needs in order to be effective for both your business and your audience.

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FAQ Friday: The Difference between Marketing and Advertising Ideas

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 23, 2016

There seems to be a common misconception between marketing and advertising. That if you use one, you cannot use the other or rather the other may affect your audience in a negative way. In today’s FAQ Friday, explore the difference and convergence of marketing and advertising ideas through the lens of video.

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Thought Hive: Marketing vs. Advertising — What Works to Build a Brand

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 19, 2016

Does brand recognition only come to companies with money to spare? Do you have to have your skin in the game to have a chance at cultivating brand awareness? Can you establish the brand recognition everyone wants but only few receive? Is your marketing budget, or lack of one, holding you back from success?

If these questions run through your brain all the time, you are not alone. Fighting the changing of times, technology, and trends is a constant struggle for most marketing managers and business owners. In today’s In-Sites, let’s discuss the feud between marketing and advertising and where their convergence is the most beneficial for building your brand.

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Thought Hive: Create Beyond Your Website with a Dynamic Content Marketing Plan

Posted by Jessica Jones Sep 12, 2016

If you are having a problem with your current marketing plan, explore the following tips on how to freshen up your content marketing plan that goes above and beyond your website.

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Build a Brand with Inbound Marketing Agency Partner

Posted by Jessica Jones Aug 4, 2016

An agency partner is an invaluable asset for businesses around the country to tap into. Collaborating with an inbound marketing agency for your digital marketing and relying on an agency partner for, say, reputation management and deeper social media engagement is a surefire way to build your brand.

Pooling the expertise of an inbound marketing agency that handles traditional inbound marketing in-house services like search engine optimization, landing page development and email marketing campaigns while having the niche expertise of an agency partner guarantees that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of higher brand visibility for business.

In fact, let’s see how you can build a successful brand with an inbound marketing agency.

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How to Get the Most From Your Marketing Agency

Posted by Jessica Jones Aug 3, 2016

In the last ten years, we have seen a real change in what gets outsourced. Most business owners, today, are focused on engaging their customers and increasing their profitability and don't have the in-house marketing resources to attend to everything at once. But now, companies of all shapes and sizes are outsourcing marketing analytics while still seeking outside social media managers and brand strategy services.

With a plethora of marketing and sales data at your disposal in this age of Big Data, meaning that there’s more marketing metrics and key performance indicators that need to be considered before every move, things like email marketing automation and customer relationship management systems can help ease the load off your company. But many companies still want most or all of their marketing's information management to be outsourced to professionals. Instead of focusing on outsourcing, let’s explore inward and learn how you can get the most out of your marketing with the help of these tools.

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Thought Hive: How to Master Marketing in 2016

Posted by Jessica Jones Aug 1, 2016

Which is better inbound marketing or outbound marketing? You may have heard or have been asking yourself this question since the term was coined in 2009 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. And with this feud, there’s still uncertainty in regards to which form of marketing is good for businesses.

However, the kicker is that both of these types of marketing are just ways to express different types of approaches marketers use to reach their respective audiences. For example, inbound marketing is more of a customer focused approach—attracting customers to your brand and allowing them to be guided through the funnel on their own terms in a holistic process. Versus, outbound marketing which is more business focused—attracting customers through product or service based advertising.

Therefore, regardless of either the inbound or outbound approach, the main focus should be on the additional tools and tactics needed to fuel both inbound and outbound strategies and how they specifically and strategically suit your company’s needs. Let’s take a look at these marketing tools, their individual benefits, and how your company can utilize them to master your marketing in 2016.

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