Tips for Managing a Relationship with Outsourced Marketing Agencies

Posted by Cydne Stewart Dec 29, 2015

In the days of yore, the only way for a small business to infuse life into their marketing strategy was to hire some well-compensated executive. However, today's outsourced marketing solutions offer several benefits over hiring a new full time employee. Outsourced marketing companies offer increased level of flexibility, reduced costs, and the ability to tap into a range of expertise on-demand.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Outsourced Marketing Management

Posted by Cydne Stewart Dec 28, 2015

Companies have seemingly always outsourced right-brain marketing activities to advertising agencies then, later, web and app development firms. The reason is simple - most business owners are focused on engaging their customers and increasing their profitability and don't have the in-house marketing resources to attend to everything at once.

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How to Balance Content Management and Marketing Automation

Posted by Cydne Stewart Nov 19, 2015

Inbound marketing is a series of trust building exercises that can help you to lead prospects through the buying process. The fact is, a recent study by Gleanster Research found that 50% of qualified leads are not ready to immediately purchase your products or services. That means that in order to convert those qualified leads into sales, you’ll need to develop a relationship of trust and authority with those prospects that will lead them through your sales funnel and help them reach their buying decision.

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How Can a HubSpot Partner Help with Marketing Automation

Posted by Cydne Stewart Nov 18, 2015

As a business person, it is not once that you have attended meetings from 8 to 5 to discuss marketing strategies. Once your meetings are over, you have your other hats to put on. Email, analytics, social updates, the list goes on. Most folks never quite get all of their daily marketing tasks done. However, technology has evolved and you do not have to worry about many of your marketing tasks since there is a solution to make implementing these marketing tasks more efficient.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Marketing Automation Company

Posted by Cydne Stewart Nov 16, 2015

Most if not everyone has heard of marketing automation, drip marketing, lead nurturing, or some form of customer experience automation for marketing and sales. After all, the adoption of marketing automation is expected to increase by 50% by 2015.

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What is an Inbound Marketing Game Plan?

Posted by Cydne Stewart Sep 22, 2015

Inbound marketing is a mixture of thought leadership, innovation, and science. Your inbound marketing game plan is, or should, encompass all of these elements and be tailor-made to fit your business. Think of it as a more targeted version of a traditional marketing plan with a concentration on high-impact content development goals. Your marketing game plan should provide insight on ways to influence and adopt a more measurable and effective inbound marketing strategy.

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Organizing the Proper Content Messaging for a Better Branding Strategy

Posted by Cydne Stewart Sep 18, 2015

When developing a branding strategy, you should know what you are trying to communicate first. Are you looking to spread the word about a sale? Do you have a new product on the horizon and need to solicit some valuable customer input? Have you set a pre-launch campaign and are looking to shout it from the rooftops? We can all agree that each of these messages hold their own spot in the content distribution cue for various reasons, but all should be focused on one thing. This one thing should be tied to all of your marketing initiatives — the success of the business, product, or service.

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The Inevitable Convergence of Interactive Design, Video Production, and Marketing Strategy

Posted by Cydne Stewart Sep 17, 2015

Have you incorporated interactive design and online video into your marketing arsenal yet?

Online platforms that incorporate video and interactive communication modules will only continue to evolve as time goes on. The demand generation has made an impact on the way in which we consume products and use services as a whole—it’s all just a click or a touch away. Based on how people access and consume information, interactive design and online video marketing were bound to converge.

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How to Design a Business Logo with 3D Animation

Posted by Patrick Heley Sep 14, 2015

Our client, The Beer Channel, needed a logo design and an opening animation sequence for their show Bru AppetitOne of the biggest questions that faces our design team is how to design a business logo with 3D animation. So we created this mini tutorial. We first created several static comps of the logo and when we got sign-off, moved forward with animating the logo.

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The Benefits of HubSpot and Marketing Automation

Posted by Cydne Stewart Sep 3, 2015

Explore using the benefits of marketing automation and the HubSpot platform.

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