FAQ Friday: Inbound Marketing—Balancing User Experience and SEO

Posted by Nate Ruttan Jun 23, 2017

In this week’s edition of FAQ Friday, we answer your burning questions on user experience, SEO, and how they can work in tandem to generate more leads through your website.

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Thought Hive: Small Business Advertising Ideas using Website Redesign

Posted by Jessica Jones Dec 5, 2016

As a small business, you may be working with a limited budget. But, what if you could save money just by continuously investing in your top salesperson?

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Thought Hive: Tips to Engage Your Audience Using White Hat Marketing

Posted by Jessica Jones Oct 24, 2016

Inbound marketing is a way to attract, convert, close, and delight customers into your brand’s most valuable word of mouth marketers. It is designed around the idea of attracting new customers while cultivating a relationship with your current audience in a way that provides value, thought leadership, and insight into their needs and motivations. And using white hat marketing in particular, can definitely help with that.

White hat marketing is all about creating optimization strategies that focus solely on your audience first before the search engine. Because, let’s be honest in order for search engines to work you still need users to use them. In today’s Thought Hive, let’s return our focus back to our human users and explore some industry tips and insight on how white hat marketing can help organically engage and grow your audience.

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FAQ Friday: Choosing the Right Keywords for Effective Keyword Planning

Posted by Jessica Jones Oct 7, 2016

Your keyword strategy is one of the most important tasks for your business, because it helps generate awareness to your brand all through the power of SEO. Learn how to create and choose the right keywords from your audience and how to transform it into an effective keyword list in today’s FAQ Friday.


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FAQ Friday: Search Engine Optimization - The Art of Mastering SEO

Posted by Jessica Jones Aug 26, 2016

In Google’s own words, their mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Although this is a fairly straightforward mission, the process by which this is executed is a bit more complicated, and can affect your site—and its search ranking—positively or negatively. Well, we’re taking out the guesswork when it comes to search engine optimization in order to make you the master of your SEO in today’s FAQ Friday.

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SEO Best Practices for Successful Video Distribution

Posted by Jessica Jones Aug 24, 2016

If you don’t know by now, video is a great way to boost your marketing efforts. From YouTube to Facebook video, there’s plenty of ways from plenty of people who can confirm this as fact. Yet, can you believe there’s something even more valuable? There is and it’s a strong SEO strategy behind your video marketing strategy. Because what’s the point of making your video and people can't watch it?

Create an awesome video they’re sure to love and then get your SEO in order. Learn how to help your audience find your content online with the following SEO best practices for a successful video distribution process.

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Thought Hive: Mastering Your On Page SEO with Content Optimization

Posted by Jessica Jones Aug 22, 2016

Diving into the world of search engine optimization or SEO can seem a bit daunting and time consuming task for any business owner especially when it comes to choosing the best SEO strategy that works specifically for your business. With on page SEO, the goal is to get the most eyes on your content as possible by making sure that your webpages are optimized efficiently in order to rank higher and provide more relevant traffic to your website and business. And with the numerous ways you can optimize your website, it’s even harder to map out your strategy in full detail especially during moments when you and your team are pressed for time.

Therefore, with content optimization, you can focus in on major hotspots in order to use your time wisely while building SEO traffic to your brand. Because, content creation is more of a marathon than a sprint. And generally the options vary according to the content you are looking to optimize, your plans for future content, and who your content is intended to reach. With that said, here are some great content optimization tips from the industry's top thought leaders in order to help you start mastering your on page SEO for your business.

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FAQ Friday: Creating a User Experience in 2016

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 3, 2016

In this edition of FAQ Friday, we will discuss how to create a user experience, why it is relevant to your business, and the many benefits of providing a pleasant user experience in 2016.

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How a Business Blog Can Boost a Startup’s SEO Performance

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 2, 2016

Often effort and marketing budgets are tossed to the wayside or squandered simply due to lack of understanding. There are many boxes a marketer or small business owner must check in order to sit back and watch their hard earned, well-developed content perform well. Skipping even the smallest of steps can cause the campaign, website, and even the entire business to tumble like a trail of dominoes. How do you prevent all of your time and hard work from entering the NOT so productive category?

Recent marketing research shows that over four-fifths of marketers who blogged daily netted new customers by doing so, and even blogging monthly benefited over 50% of marketers with new customers.

Optimize first for your readers, visitors, and stellar promoters; then take these SEO tips by the reins and optimize your website all the way to perfection with content marketing SEO. Let's review how we can best accomplish this with your business blog. 


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How to Establish a Keyword Strategy for Your Tech Startup

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 1, 2016

Researching your keyword strategy is one of the most important tasks a business owner or marketing manager for a startup company can do to help generate a successful inbound marketing campaign strategy.

To start off you should create your keyword strategy around your buyer personas. In three simple steps these buyer persona profiles can be completed and prove valuable to marketing efforts now and in the future. Remember, they are living documents—always editable, and constantly growing. Start by defining these three categories below.

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