How to Use Social Media Listening to Crush Being a Bandwagoner

Posted by Jessica Jones Jul 28, 2016

When a trending topic hits, the initial impulse seems to be to run to the nearest computer, analyze what’s being said, and write about how that topic is related to your company.

However, sometimes that’s not the case. From your brand to your audience and even within your industry, knowing your brand identity in the digital space is crucial to attracting and converting the right people. Because taking the time to write a blog post using a trending keyword, which in the short term boosts your SEO, it may hit you later in the long run.

In fact, let’s take a look at social media listening and how it will help crush the bandwagon effect in your marketing strategy.

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FAQ Friday: How Do I Use Periscope for My Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 24, 2016

If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times. The fact is that video is here to stay, and the tech boom is allowing us marketers the ability to use it in an innovative way. Every big brand who wants to stick around for the long term is finding great ways to incorporate video into their marketing mix, and the latest buzz in the video industry is live streaming video, and more specifically Periscope, Twitter’s still fairly new baby.

Today’s FAQ Friday zeros in on answering your questions that are new to marketing or new to video, but want to leverage live streaming video as a viable marketing tool for your business.

However, before we get started, not every single Periscope question is answered in this FAQ. But if you have  question that is not listed below, let us know in the comments and we will use your submissions in future FAQ Friday sessions. With that being said, let’s take a look through the window of your brand and get social with Periscope.

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Explore the Ins & Outs of Live Streaming Video and Social Media

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 23, 2016

Today as we explore live video and social media, you’ll come across the term social video. And like any person new to this format, you’re probably asking yourself, “what in the world is social video?”

Well I’m glad you asked. Social video is digital video that is designed to be seen and shared through social networks. Therefore, a Coca-Cola commercial or a recorded product demo are examples of social video.

So if you have are using video or want to use video for your business, then of course you would want to create content that is shareable to your audience and beyond.

However, what if I told you that you can take your video to the next level with live social video? Well you can! So, as we approach VidCon 2016, here are some ways to create live video that our CEO Bill Knowland learned from VidCon 2015.


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FAQ Friday: Social Media for Tech Startups

Posted by Jessica Jones May 27, 2016

Knowing and understanding how social media can work for your business is half the battle. In this week's edition of FAQ Friday, we will discuss how social media management can be a great fit for your company.

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The Benefits of Hiring an Agency to Manage Your Social Media

Posted by Jessica Jones May 26, 2016

There are two popular camps in how "social media marketing" is perceived. Many see it as the new, powerful concept that needs to implemented immediately before it fades away, while others see it as nothing but a buzzword concept—requiring a convoluted learning process that ends with zero tangent advantages.

Part of the reason for such a negative reputation is the way it has so quickly appeared and infiltrated the marketing scene. And while there are plenty of hold outs calling it a passing fad, the hard numbers suggest that even if it is a fad, it's a very lucrative one.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Social Media Marketing for Tech Startups

Posted by Jessica Jones May 23, 2016

In 2016, your social media pages are the face you present to the world. Therefore, spending the time to invest in how you present yourself matters—not only to your audience but also to your current and potential employees and investors.

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How to Master Social Media Management with HubSpot Social Tools

Posted by Jessica Jones Apr 7, 2016

72.6% of salespeople who incorporated social media into their process outperformed their colleagues. Yet, creating a social media campaign that engages with your audience can be rough, especially if your company doesn't know what platforms work best with your brand, what types of content to push, and ultimately how to analyze its success once it's live.

A great deal of creating an effective campaign begins and ends with social media listening and social media management. With social media listening or social listening, you put yourself into the conversation by listening and analyzing your social presence in order to create effective campaigns for your audience. And with social media management, you are in control of monitoring, contributing and analyzing your company's social media presence regularly.

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Master Your Social Media Campaigns with Emotion Marketing

Posted by Jessica Jones Apr 6, 2016

Company visibility is important in today's customer-focused marketing landscape. By incorporating social media campaigns to your marketing strategy, attracting new leads and engaging with potential and current customers becomes extremely advantageous.

However, because everything is customer focused, basing your campaigns solely on your products and services is not only a waste of your company's resources, but it's also detrimental to your brand identity online.

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Create Your Best Social Media Campaigns with Social Media Listening

Posted by Jessica Jones Apr 5, 2016

You have your social media strategy down pat.

You know when to post. You know what social media channels you should focus on, which give you the most leads and engagement. You know how and when your audience engages with your content. And, most importantly, you know what social media campaigns hit and resonate the most with your followers.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Social Media Landscape for Business 2016

Posted by Jessica Jones Apr 4, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — Oh my! Social media platforms are great way to boost your brand’s visibility by getting your content, products and services out into the public sphere. However, with all this great potential for engagement, your social media campaigns may not be producing the results that you were hoping for. It’s easy to just push content into the social media landscape. But if you don’t know the landscape, how will you know how to attract your audience. And not only attract, but how then can you consistently keep them engaged with your content that will encourage them to share with other potential prospects.

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