Thought Hive: How to Build a Brand with a Marketing Agency

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 27, 2016

Are you struggling to find time to build your brand and boost your business’ visibility?

You may have a website that showcases your products or services and other various content as well as connects visitors to your multiple social media accounts—using these platforms to engage with your current and prospective customers.

However, the hype around your brand still appears to be non-existent. Or maybe you or your marketing team have created great content, but it’s just not targeting or reaching your ideal audience to convert them into sales-ready leads—creating poor performance and unmet business’ goals.

Well these red flags and more may be the push you need toward building your brand with an inbound marketing agency—helping you to increase your lead generation, close more sales, extend your customer’s lifetime value and just overall nurturing awareness around your brand.

Finding the time to build your brand shouldn't be a chore. So let's explore four perks of working with an inbound marketing agency—allowing them to become your on-call brand building sidekick.


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FAQ Friday: How Do I Use Periscope for My Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 24, 2016

If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times. The fact is that video is here to stay, and the tech boom is allowing us marketers the ability to use it in an innovative way. Every big brand who wants to stick around for the long term is finding great ways to incorporate video into their marketing mix, and the latest buzz in the video industry is live streaming video, and more specifically Periscope, Twitter’s still fairly new baby.

Today’s FAQ Friday zeros in on answering your questions that are new to marketing or new to video, but want to leverage live streaming video as a viable marketing tool for your business.

However, before we get started, not every single Periscope question is answered in this FAQ. But if you have  question that is not listed below, let us know in the comments and we will use your submissions in future FAQ Friday sessions. With that being said, let’s take a look through the window of your brand and get social with Periscope.

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Explore the Ins & Outs of Live Streaming Video and Social Media

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 23, 2016

Today as we explore live video and social media, you’ll come across the term social video. And like any person new to this format, you’re probably asking yourself, “what in the world is social video?”

Well I’m glad you asked. Social video is digital video that is designed to be seen and shared through social networks. Therefore, a Coca-Cola commercial or a recorded product demo are examples of social video.

So if you have are using video or want to use video for your business, then of course you would want to create content that is shareable to your audience and beyond.

However, what if I told you that you can take your video to the next level with live social video? Well you can! So, as we approach VidCon 2016, here are some ways to create live video that our CEO Bill Knowland learned from VidCon 2015.


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In-Sites Thought Hive: How to Become a Thought Leader

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 20, 2016

You may be a business owner, CEO, or other business professional with a powerful message to share. A message of innovation, a message that will make a difference. Becoming a thought leader is using and sharing your message that will create mini miracles for your business and ultimately your audience. Today’s Thought Hive is highlighting what it means to be a thought leader and how thought leadership will work and benefit your community..

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Advertising & Marketing Videos

Posted by Jessica Jones Jun 13, 2016

In more ways than one might imagine, marketing and advertising underscore why inbound marketing has been a go-to method of marketing for years now. If you are looking into video as a marketing strategy, but need a bit more clarification, read on.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Marketing & Advertising Videos

Posted by Cydne Stewart Mar 7, 2016

In more ways than one might imagine, marketing and advertising underscore why inbound marketing has been a go-to method of marketing for years now. If you are looking into video as a marketing strategy, but need a bit more clarification, read on.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Marketing Content Management

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jan 11, 2016

The key to thought leadership is telling your story with a sense of sharp expertise that attracts readers to your brand. The process of convincing new customers that your brand is right for them revolves around building trust and loyalty through marketing content management / thought leadership. Your role as a thought leader is to attract, convert, close, and delight.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Our Top Video Blogs

Posted by Bill Knowland Dec 21, 2015

Here’s our top video blogs of all time and why we feel they work...

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Inbound Marketing Trends

Posted by Bill Knowland Oct 26, 2015

Inbound marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Have you joined the movement? In this interactive video blog, thought leaders give their opinion about what the latest inbound marketing trends are and where the movement is going.

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FAQ Friday: Using Encore Content on Twitter

Posted by Mathilde Heinemann Sep 25, 2015

If you haven’t heard of encore content, don’t worry - it’s just what it sounds like: content that you have originated but that was published previously. You may have heard it called ‘repurposed content’ or ‘legacy content’ as well. What’s the purpose of posting encore content? Well, the goal is the same as your other social posts, with the added benefit that it already exists, and all you need to get it out in front of your audience, is a little bit of strategizing, scheduling, and finessing.

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