How to Determine Marketing Video Production Costs

So, you are thinking of hiring a video production company to produce a professional video for you...


The Top Ten Best Practices for Corporate Video Production

If your company has taken the step to invest in corporate video production, it is crucial that your...


How To Determine Professional Video Editing Costs

Due to deadline pressure, it is not uncommon to work through a video production without accurately...


How Multi-Channel Marketing Works for Video

Once you have finished creating your video, what is the best way to distribute it? Multi-channel...


FAQ Friday: Online Video Production in the Mobile World

In this week’s edition of FAQ Friday, we take a closer look at what makes mobile video an essential...


A Step by Step Process to Wistia Video Hosting for Your Online Videos

A strategy is important. There is no way around it. Putting a plan together to approach your...


The Inevitable Convergence of Interactive Design, Video Production, and Marketing Strategy

Have you incorporated interactive design and online video into your marketing arsenal yet?



Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Video Production Company

Online video is a great way to reach large audiences, but if it’s not done right it can actually...


Why Do You Need a Professional Video Production Company?

We all know the benefits that a website design firm can have for overhauling your public image...


NAB 2013: Report on Video Production Trends

NAB 2013 was both bigger (4K production) and smaller (compact cameras and SLRs). 4K acquisition and...


NAB Report 2012: Trends in Video Production & Image Capture

Here are a few camera tidbits from NAB 2012. One of the highlights at NAB was the astonishing...

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