Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Content Optimization

Posted by Cydne Stewart Sep 21, 2015

Choosing the proper SEO method can be a difficult and time consuming task for any business owner. There are numerous avenues you can take to develop the proper SEO strategy, and when you are pressed for time, it can be hard to review them all in detail.

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FAQ Friday: Dynamically Generated Content

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jul 24, 2015

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. Marketers must think in terms of personalization. Creating the most beneficial customized user experience throughout the entirety of the buyer's journey is imperative to the success of any marketing efforts. That has always been the case.

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Dynamic Content, Interactive Content, Personalized Content—What gives?

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jul 22, 2015

For years now, most marketers have admitted to missing the mark on creating content that is engaging, appealing, and effective at moving website visitors through the buyer's journey. Each year, businesses commit to spending more of their marketing budget on content creation—but if it is not effective, why the push?

There is no denying the demand for thought-provoking, informative, and interesting content, but how is your brand supposed to win out over all the other brands trying to accomplish the same goal?

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Success with Smart Content

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jul 20, 2015

Marketing isn't about dipping your toes into every new and trendy technology or tactic that pops up. It is about providing the best overall user experience to increase traffic, leads, and sales. Your business website is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, and should be treated as such.

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Does the Type of Website Matter to the Success of Your Marketing Mix?

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jul 14, 2015

Does your website have a purpose? Has your inbound marketing website become a muddled mess? Before you embark upon a website redesign, you should understand what your website's purpose is, how your users interact with your website, and how your website can help boost success for your business. Let's explore.

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Gone in a Flash: HTML5 Video & Interactivity Enhance Content Marketing

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jul 2, 2015

Flash has been on its way out for a while now. Google Chrome is spearheading the transition with updated features dealing with the treatment of Adobe Flash and HTML5.

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The Process of a Content Audit Explained

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 30, 2015

The underlying purpose of a content audit is not to pillage through old or existing content like a nomad looking for information you can use or reuse. It is not to force a painful process onto a new client. Rather, a content audit is used as a starting point for content development, website redesign, content strategy and much more.

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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Google Update 2015

Posted by Cydne Stewart Apr 13, 2015

With all of the hustle and bustle surrounding the newest information about Google's first publicly announced algorithmic update, it’s time for clarity. 

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Responsive Website Design for a Mobile Friendly Website

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jan 20, 2015

When was the last time you checked your mobile device? If you are like most people, it probably was only a few minutes ago. Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of consumer's lives. According to Pew Research, 58% of all adults in the United States own a smartphone. And that number will be rising every year. Mobile devices are changing the way business is conducted and the way websites operate. As consumers increasingly use their smartphones and tablets to access social media, check emails and shop online, businesses need to make sure their websites are mobile-friendly. And the way to do that, is to embrace responsive website design.

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What is a Modern Website?

Posted by Tobin Tullis Sep 16, 2014

Author Amanda Harlech wrote “We have to keep an eye on the future with a sense of the past in every passing moment of the present”. Not only is this prophetic, but to look back with the sole intent of recognizing our origins, we can connect the dots to what might lie ahead.

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